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Metal component and assembly services

At KMF we're all about being flexible, it's how we deliver a truly bespoke metal component assembly service. We offer our manufacturing partners a 'one-stop-shop' for all metal manufacturing requirements. KMF provides fully tested assemblies or lower-level sub-assembly. We have the capacity and expertise to integrate mechanical or electrical applications when assembling metal components.

We manage all aspects of the metal assembly process, from supply chain management of additional components to full product assembly. Other services include quality testing, packaging and delivery direct to the end-user.

Our years of experience as product assembly leaders mean that our technicians have industry-leading qualities in the following:

  • Providing efficient solutions for your supply chain
  • Comprehensive mechanical assembly of metal products
  • Testing of each part
  • Shipping tested components

KMF has decades of experience in the supply of high-level component sub-assemblies to multiple industries. Product assemblies we regularly manufacture include:

  • Power distribution boards
  • Electronic systems
  • HVAC units
  • Fully integrated vending machines
  • Interactive kiosks

Our Product Assembly Capabilities:

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Full electro-mechanical and electronic engineering support
  • Electrical wiring assembly
  • Development of embedded electrical systems
  • Bespoke functional test fixture design
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Sourcing of supply chain components
  • Management of free issue parts for assembly
  • Product testing and inspection
  • Packaging, labelling, branding and delivery
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More on product assembly services:

Dedicated advanced product assembly facilities at KMF offer large capacity for the final piecing together of fully integrated sheet metal products. Our complete subcontract electro-mechanical solution allows customers to concentrate on their core business.Our cells are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual projects. In-house machining capabilities allow KMF to manufacture bespoke pieces to aid the efficient assembly of custom parts.

KMF has the capacity and flexibility to up-scale and adapt its assembly processes to manage large-scale product transfers. We regularly meet the diverse requirements of the most exacting customers. It is why KMF is the preferred outsourcing partner for some of the largest OEM companies in Europe.

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Advanced assembly services at KMF

Benefits of subcontract product assembly

Allow customers to focus on their core competencies
Reduce the costs of capital equipment and personnel
Give fixed unit costs with an improved margin
Provide flexibility of supply/kanban stocking
Supply chain management and reduced inventory

Electrostatic discharge assembly area

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) area is available for the dedicated assembly of static-sensitive components. Customers can be confident that these assemblies are tested at every stage to the highest inspection standards. Our range of BSI accreditations demonstrates KMF's ability to supply exceptional quality for all operations.

Seamless transition in product assembly

KMF dedicates a project manager to liaise with the client and ensure a smooth transition in the whole assembly process. This includes supply chain priming, prototyping and production of client products, delivered on time and to agreed budgets. We offer exact costs and lead times to ensure each project follows the most efficient route from prototype to production.

Metal printing and finishing

We also provide complete, finished metal components too. Our ability to do screen printing, laser marking, tampo printing and brand labelling allows the perfect output. Components can be packaged to customers' requirements for delivery to end-users. This is a complete manufacturing solution which allows you to simplify your supply chain.

Expert advice to customers

KMF's sheet metal assembly experts are on hand at every stage to advise on the most efficient and economical ways to organise any assembly project.

Make the move to KMF

At KMF we build long-term partnerships with suppliers to ensure a world-class, integrated supply chain. We require hold suppliers to consistently meet the same high standards of quality, delivery, cost and satisfaction that we promise our customers.

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