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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

KMF Group delivers proficient, reliable and expert sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing services to ambitious OEMs.

From design to delivery, we do things differently. We work to understand your unique market needs and offer innovative sheet metal fabrication solutions that drive your business forward.

With 240,000 sq ft of metal manufacturing space and 500 skilled employees, we have the unrivalled flexibility, experience and modern metal fabrication technology to deliver reliable and high-level subcontract manufacture of sheet metal products across a vast range of industry sectors.

Our modern facilities offer a range of precision engineering and metal manufacturing processes, including:

Quality control guaranteed

KMF Group is committed to delivering an agile manufacturing process, supported by exceptional customer service, operational excellence and the highest quality controls.
Sheet metal fabrications produced at KMF can range from simple metal enclosures and brackets to sophisticated, fully-integrated electromechanical units containing hundreds of subcomponents.
In addition, KMF also provides value-added services such as product design, prototyping, electro-mechanical assembly and custom despatch.

Stainless steel fabrication

We also house dedicated manufacturing units for the fabrication of stainless steel components and specialist integration with stringent (ISO 9001) accreditation.
These services enable us to meet the exceptional quality demands of industrial sectors such as aerospace, medical equipment and defence.

Outsourcing partnerships

KMF delivers progressive and forward-thinking sheet metal manufacturing services that can solve your production problems and provide invaluable solutions.
We work as your manufacturing partner, optimising the design and manufacturing operations to enhance your product and provide real efficiencies in cost and time-to-market.

For a UK sheet metal fabrication company that will improve productivity, add value, deliver on time, and meet your company's business objectives contact our customer team today.

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