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The KMF Group works with a broad range of market-leading medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers to fabricate, engineer, assemble and deliver all manner of scientific and medical components.

The company has the specialist resources needed to project-manage complicated supply chains and to offer its key customers within the medical sector, a complete integrated build option.

With ESD-controlled production cells and clean room environments, our clients can expect the highest output and assembly standards with high-value PCBA and wiring loom assemblies, box-built to industry standards.

As the market leader in precision sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering in the UK, KMF has the capacity and skills to produce application-ready components for medical storage, racking systems and monitor stands.

In addition, the capability for precision machining of materials to very high tolerances enables KMF Precision Engineering to service the engineering requirements of the most demanding scientific and medical equipment clients.

KMF has huge expertise in 3,4 and 5-Axis machining as well as sliding head and micromachining of aluminium, stainless steels, acetal and copolymers.

The company has the skills necessary to manufacture and assemble bespoke components for medical laboratory equipment such as analysers, tape heads and spectrometers and the production of stainless steel medical and scientific components is a speciality of KMF.

As one of few sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK to hold four BSI Accreditations and with its industry-leading engineering and metal forming equipment, KMF is the perfect outsourcing partner for OEMs working within the medical equipment industry.

With extensive experience in manufacturing components and products for use in the medical sector, the KMF Group can guarantee to meet the most stringent quality requirements of the medical sector while remaining cost competitive.

With comprehensive BSI accreditation, full material traceability and document controls, KMF can offer the security and client support needed from design to delivery.

Our fully documented quality control procedures and quality management system provide a secure framework for reliability across the whole manufacture and supply chain, reinforced by in-house training at our purpose-built KMF Training Centre.

The emphasis on quality control, innovative technology and exacting standards underpins the whole KMF business ethos and throughout the production cycle, KMF customers can access designated customer service representatives who ensure all requirements are met promptly and efficiently.

The teams at KMF have the experience and expertise to solve complex production processes, acting as an outsourcing partner and leaving clients to focus on their core competencies.

Our expert personnel can design, prototype, fabricate, engineer and assemble complete solutions with strict adherence to tight timetables and competitive budgets.

KMF Group is a single-source manufacturing solution for multinational OEMs in the medical equipment sector offering shared expertise in sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering.

If you wish to know more about the medical equipment manufacture and supply capabilities of KMF Group or want to discuss outsourcing opportunities, then please contact us to discuss your medical equipment supply requirements.

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