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Metal fabricators for the aerospace industry

KMF Group supplies sheet metal fabrications to world leaders in the aerospace industry.. The company supports a variety of aircraft and aerospace fabrication programs including aircraft seating and undercarriage components.

KMF is one of the few sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK to hold four BSI Accreditations and customers can be confident that KMF engineered and metal fabricated products for the aerospace industry consistently meet and even exceed the most stringent quality demands.

The UK aerospace industry is the second-largest in the world, the largest in Europe and a jewel in the crown of the UK economy. Engineering services are critical to the success of this thriving industry, and improved supply chain performance and management are essential to its future.

KMF is at the forefront of developing innovative sheet metal manufactured products for new, expanding world markets. We can assure our customers of delivery on-time and at-scale in this highly competitive and cost-sensitive aerospace market.

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Advanced facility for high spec work

KMF Group has future-proofed the global growth potential of this industry sector through the construction of a multi-million-pound 'Advanced Solutions' facility. It is a purpose-built aerospace engineering and metal fabricated products unit that operates under fully documented quality control procedures. The KMF Group's unique offering of advanced precision engineering and high-tech metal fabrication can provide a single-source solution for aerospace companies. Capacity ranges from the manufacture of one-off prototypes to complex component assembly and large-scale batch production.

Experience in specialist materials

Our engineers are fully versed in working with advanced metal products made from titanium, aluminium and specialist steels (S80). KMF's skilled workforce has years of experience in the machining of large and small, standard and complex components to the very highest specifications. KMF is a complete strategic partner for major aerospace companies and industry suppliers with a comprehensive engineering portfolio. We manufacture everything from machined components for commercial aircraft interiors to switchgear cabinets and frames for electronic and AV units.

Industry-leading machines and staff

Our industry-leading technologies include 3, 4 and 5-Axis and sliding head machining centres that provide our customers with the very highest quality machined parts and metal fabricated products. KMF quality teams comprised of managers, engineers, technicians and machine operators oversee full compliance with strict standards throughout the manufacturing process from design to delivery. And our in-house training centre provides courses designed to improve operational knowledge and awareness from the workshop to the boardroom. Our experience and skills in high-level value-added assembly work allow KMF to deliver quality metal components across the aerospace industry sector. With more than 30 years of expertise in the sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering industry, KMF is proud of its high industry standards.

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