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KMF supplies sheet metal fabrications and precision-engineered metal products to many market-leading companies across a range of industries. Among the sectors we serve are transport, medical, telecommunications, food processing, defence, security and signage. KMF works closely with industry partners to deliver high productivity, quality products and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Continuous development and competitive pricing keep KMF at the forefront of metal fabrication services in the UK and Europe. We offer clients a full supply chain service, from design and prototyping of innovative products to volume production and assembly facilities, fully accredited and with the highest quality benchmarks.

Markets & sectors we support

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Our modern facilities offer a range of precision engineering and metal manufacturing processes, including:

Highest standards in the business

With four BSI Accreditations to our name, KMF customers can be confident that our precision engineered of the highest quality standards. We manufacture and assemble precision-engineered and metal fabricated products to the stringent requirements of the aerospace, defence, medical, scientific and food processing industries.

Advanced manufacturing facilities

KMF has purpose-built advanced assembly facilities for the final assembly of fully integrated sheet metal products and machined metal components. Coupled with the company's expertise and experience in the fabrication of cabinets, enclosures and other metal box products, KMF is the perfect outsourcing partner. Sectors that already benefit from KMF facilities are telecoms, security, transport and industries sourcing electro-mechanical assembly. Many clients benefit from fully dedicated automated assembly lines that ensure fast lead times while consistently meeting the highest quality standards.

Stainless steel fabrication

We also house dedicated manufacturing units for the fabrication of stainless steel components and specialist integration with stringent (ISO 9001) accreditation. These services enable us to meet the exceptional quality demands of industrial sectors such as aerospace, medical equipment and defence.

Outsourcing across the board

OEMs across a range of sectors rely on expert knowledge, industry-leading technology and the robust supply chain management on offer from KMF.

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