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Powder Coating Services at KMF Group

Worker in powder coating cell
Painting conveyors transport components
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KMF offers a full range of metal painting and finishing processes, including powder coating, wet painting, laser marking, Tampo printing, and silk-screening. The ability to carry out these activities in-house ensures that subcontract operations do not compromise customer deliveries.

Powder coating at KMF

We provide top quality powder coating services that meet our' quality, delivery and turnaround requirements of all clients. KMF can deliver on all powder coating services from short runs to high volume mass production.

KMF is a trusted supplier across all business an industrial sector OEMs including automotive, medical and aerospace industries. We offer fast turnaround times, production and delivery reliability alongside outstanding technical support.

Powder coating is an essential part of KMF Group's complete manufacturing solution. Capacity is provided through a fully automated powder coat paint plant.

This consists of in-line pre-treatment, drying oven, three powder coating booths (linked by two separate conveyor systems) and two stoving ovens.

KMF's powder coating facility offers rapid throughput of multiple types of metal fabricated and engineered components. The powder coating unit also can apply a broad range of finishing solutions and change colours in a few minutes.

Recent investment in paint recycling technology also ensures this in-house process is as cost-effective as possible. See KMF's powder coat facility in action in this powder coating video.


  • 7 x ITW Gema manual powder coating guns
  • 12 x ITW Gema automated reciprocator arms
  • 3 x ITW Gema fast colour change powder centres
  • 2 x Powder reclamation facilities
  • 1 x Nordson booth
  • 2.5 metres per minute track speed

Wet Metal Painting

Our wet metal paint facility incorporates a 3.5m wide x 3m deep x 2.6m high wet extraction spray booth and box oven. KMF can paint metal components using the latest wet spray technology.

Laser Marking

Our Trumpf Vectormark Workstation 1200 machine complements the traditional marking and printing processes offered by KMF. The ability to manage specific serial numbers benefits many of our customers and with short set-up times and 100% repeatability, the laser marker presents significant advantages.

Silk Screening

KMF has a dedicated silk-screening department that offers a diverse range of solutions to product marking. Our design department can produce intricate artwork to exact customer requirements. Expertise in jigs and fixture design ensures that products with even the most complex of geometries are printed to the highest standard.

Tampo Printing

With two Kent Kipp ISO machines, KMF can offer pad printing as an alternative to our silk screening process. Suitable for high-volume products, this technology ensures component quality is consistently achievable. KMF has recently invested in a new Entrance 90 Tampo print machine. This new tool-free technology will allow product diversity and effortless printing on various sized components.

An anodising service is also available.


  • SCOPE: Customer projects turning into finished, commercial products.
  • SPEED: Excellent delivery schedule adherence to eliminate sub-contract delays.
  • QUALITY: Gardobond and phosphate pre-treatment ensure perfect results every time.
  • COLOURS: Customer specific colours and Pantone shades maintain exact branding requirements.


Expert knowledge, advanced technology and comprehensive supply chain management allow KMF to offer outstanding outsourcing capabilities. Read more about our outsourcing skills here.

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