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CNC Turning at KMF

CNC turning services at KMF Group boast an impressive machining capacity and an unrivalled level of customer service.

High-speed CNC turning lathes at KMF are capable of optimising a wide array of precision engineering operations.

Our range of CNC turning lathes extends from single spindle chucking lathes to multi-spindle barfed machines.

The strength in depth allows the company to provide extremely cost-effective solutions that meet and often exceed the most demanding customer requirements.

The extensive range of CNC turning centres gives KMF the edge in the production of high precision parts ranging in diameters of 4mm to 70mm for bar fed components and up to 300mm for billeted components.

Precision machining operations at KMF facilitate high production numbers and save valuable processing time.

Advantages of CNC Turning at KMF:

  • Capability: CNC turning centres and 3 and 4 axis lathes allow us to produce high precision parts ranging from 4mm to 70mm diameter for bar fed components and up to 300mm diameter for billeted components.
  • Capacity: An extensive range of manual and CNC turning centres gives KMF the ability to support with both prortotypes & large batch runs
  • Speed: High-speed CNC turning lathes for faster precision engineering
  • Technology: Precision CNC turning machines and the latest CAM software
  • Expertise: Engineers experienced in the turning of critical components.
  • Quality: Quality approved manufacturer of complex components.

More on CNC Turning

Multi-function lathe operations

The use of 3-axis and 4-axis CNC turning lathes means KMF can produce multiple mill-turn parts in a single operation.

Complex milled components, typically requiring a second function on a milling machine, can be created on the Y-axis of Mazak lathes.The addition of a sub-spindle means complex parts can be machined front and back, allowing shifts and billet work to be completed in one cycle.

Excellent quality accreditations

With multiple ISO accreditations held across the KMF Group, we have complete confidence in being able to supply exceptional quality every time to all our customers. We offer accurate costs and lead times to enable any ongoing project to follow the exact route from prototype to production.

Wide range of metal turned products

Advanced CNC technologies allow us to create a wide range of metal components, from highly sophisticated prototypes to simple, functional, end-use parts.

The company has the capacity and expertise to undertake significant batch work or individual one-off projects.

KMF clients vary from blue-chip companies in the automotive, food, medical and defence industries to small firms requiring short batch runs or individual one-off projects.

Over many years our precision engineering and sheet metal manufacturing facility has built an excellent reputation for sheet metal fabrication and subcontract CNC turning services.

Trust in a quality finished product

KMF's machined components need to perform with pinpoint accuracy in the most demanding environments and therefore we recognise the priority for quality and precision in our products. To assure all processes are performed to the highest quality standards, KMF Group carry ISO 9001 approval as the baseline for our quality system.

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