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CNC Milling at KMF

KMF Precision Engineering delivers CNC milling machine services, precision engineering and metal fabrication to customers throughout Europe.

Our customers include market-leading companies in high-tech industries such as aerospace, medical, security, vending and food processing.

CNC milling machines operated by KMF Group can produce precision machined parts from a full spectrum of materials including aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, tool steel, copper and brass.

We house milling machines dedicated to producing single one-offs or multi-part prototypes. These can be delivered quickly, efficiently and with short lead times.

Benefits of CNC Milling from KMF:

  • Capacity: Our modern machining facilities boost a range of 3 & 4 Axis milling machines, high speed tapping centres and conventional heavy cutting machines from world-renowned manufacturers Brother, Bridgeport & Quaser.
  • Expertise: Engineers experienced in the milling of precision components.
  • Technology: Latest CNC software and bespoke filtering alongside extencive tooling options and fixturing
  • Quality: Quality approved manufacturer of complex components
  • Standards: Full ISO certification and accreditation to top industry standards
  • One-Stop-Shop: Extensive capability across all CNC machining processes including, 5-axis, turning, sliding-head and surface finishing treatments.

More on CNC milling

Range of milling operations

KMF Group also operates two types of vertical milling machines within its engineering complex, with Brother machining centres capable of manufacturing high volumes of non-ferrous components on swift cycle times.

We offer both manual and CNC milling machine services, using Bridgeport CNC mills with Heidenhain controls.Bridgeport and Quaser machines are heavy-duty verticals which manufacture a wide range of steel and stainless steel parts.

Mulit-axis machining capacity

The 3 Axis milling machines at KMF range from high-speed precision tapping centres to conventional heavy-cutting devices.

Four-axis machining is a powerful addition to our CNC arsenal and enables the machining of highly complex parts at high speed and with much shorter setup times.

Advanced milling machine design enables tool changing times of 1.8 seconds chip to chip, reducing costly cycles.

Competitive edge in milling

All our CNC milling machines are linked to the latest computer software and fitted with bespoke fixturing to speed up changeovers and reduce lead times.

It gives KMF a competitive edge in the milling components. It also allows us to quote very competitively for both prototype and production quantities.

A vast amount of hands-on experience and staff expertise gives us the confidence to achieve the milling accuracy and precision that designs demand. It also creates the capacity to help customers improve productivity and reduce costs.

Meet project and buying deadlines

Investing in advanced sheet metal & machining technology has enabled KMF to position itself at the forefront of manufacturing at every scale. No matter your requirements, KMF have the technology, capacity and expertise to meet your product's specifications at competitive prices and with speed.

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