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CNC machining & precision engineering

Our CNC machining services are currently available to compliment any projects required for Precision Sheet Metal customers.

KMF Group's precision engineering department is a state-of-the-art machine shop which offers multiple services to suit customer requirements.

Furthermore, we offer complex machined components that combine advanced machining techniques using the latest CAD/CAM software in an array of diverse materials.

We provide excellent on-the-phone customer service and technical assistance.

Our highly skilled, time-served team of precision engineers can manufacture complex components and deliver outstanding quality which exceeds customer expectations.

Our impressive range of equipment includes simultaneous and fixed 5-axis technology, multi-axial milling and turning machines, precision tapping centres and a highly equipped metrology department.

CNC Machining Capabilities at KMF:

  • Turnaround: To customer requirements, generally 3 – 6 weeks
  • Capacity: Low to High volume
  • Tolerances: 0.02mm
  • Materials: Multiple materials include aluminium, steel, carbon/alloy steels, stainless steel, specialist steels, copper, brass, aluminium castings and plastics.
  • Technical Assistance: In-house technical and design experts
  • Delivery: Delivered anywhere in the UK and worldwide
5 axis machining

5-Axis Machining

Using the latest 5 Axis technology, both simultaneous and fixed, we can
produce complex, multi-axial components in a range of materials.
Our 5 Axis machining centres allow us to machine a wide variety of parts with the utmost precision and accuracy, resulting in rapid turnaround times.

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Sliding head machining

Sliding Head Machining

Multi-tasking sliding head machining centres allow for both turning and multi-axial milling in the main and sub spindle. All operations of small, complex, high precision turned parts can be completed from raw material to finished part, in one cycle. KMF can produce components from 2mm to 32mm through 3m bar feeds.

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horizontal machining

Horizontal Machining

KMF is one of the leading suppliers of multi-pallet machined components. With a Mazak HCN 5000-111, in-house tooling and fixturing directly linked to the scheduling system, we can synchronise the running of 12 pallets allowing a suite of parts to be run off in one visit. With a fully programmable automation line, our machines run day and night with the benefit of a 120-tool carousel and probe checking capabilities.

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CNC Milling

CNC Milling

Our 3 Axis Flatbed Brother Machines are high-speed vertical machining centres which produce large volumes of components quickly and
accurately. With rapids of 50m per minute and a tool change of 1.6 seconds, combined with Lang Technik's work holding, allows us to quote competitively for both prototype and production quantities.

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CNC Turning

CNC Turning

Our 3-4-axis lathes allow us to produce high-precision parts ranging from 10mm to 76.2mm in diameter when bar-fed and up to 380mm in diameter for billeted components. Using the latest Hainbuch chuck system to reduce set-up times and increase accuracy, we can offer a cost-effective solution for all your turned part requirements.

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Machined Components

Metal Finishing

From a strong base of approved and trusted suppliers, we can provide a range of metal finishing services, including, zinc electroplating, anodising (both decorative and hard), phosphoric bond, hexavalent chromium free and CARC. We also offer in house engraving and bead blasting facilities.

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More on CNC machining

Range of metal machining processes

Our modern facilities offer a range of precision engineering and metal manufacturing processes, including:

  • CNC milling: machined parts in aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, copper and brass
  • CNC turning: multi-axis CNC turning lathes for highly complex milled parts5-Axis machining: precision manufacture of machined parts quickly and efficiently
  • Horizontal machining: machine tools that combine technology and high performance
  • Sliding head machining: CNC turning and multi-axial milling on both main and sub spindles
Complete precision machining service

Our extensive in-house capabilities extend to rapid prototyping, comprehensive metal finishing and mechanical assembly cells. It gives KMF the ability to provide a fast, complete and cost-effective CNC machining and assembly service for all our partners.

Where experience and quality count

Behind our large CNC machining capacity is a wealth of hands-on experience. It helps to deliver the accuracy, reliability and repeatability that modern metal design and production demands. It also enables KMF to introduce production efficiencies that give us a competitive edge over rivals in the CNC machining sector. Expertise in production gives us the capacity to handle the most sophisticated processes while delivering innovative efficiencies and cutting costs, releasing customers to focus on their core competencies.

Working with demanding clients

Working with the aerospace, medical, rail and defence industries, KMF Precision Engineering has established a reputation as a specialist in CNC machining and precision engineering that can support a diverse group of products. KMF also have the necessary clean areas, skills and controls to ensure consistent results when the assembly of components is required.Our product experience includes:

  • Aerospace: Commercial aircraft interiors, electronics & AV Units
  • Rail: Interiors, sensor equipment, line side fittings
  • Defence: Electronics, casings, sprockets, bushes
  • Medical: Analyser equipment, tape heads, spectrometer components

Our Investment. Your Return

Our 255,000 sq ft modern sheet metal and fabrication and CNC machining facilities operate world-renowned automation and technology to tackle your most intricate and demanding designs with agility, quality & speed.

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During the several years we have worked with KMF, the account has grown considerably in activity and volume, as such it now encompasses thousands of unique part numbers ranging from the simplest of components right through to the most complex integrated assemblies. KMF are our fully integrated technical partner, providing full DFM activities and supplying components directly into our manufacturing sites and third-party supply chain across the globe. Our past and continued growth is very much linked to our Supply Chain Partnership with KMF Group.

A World Leader in Aircraft Equipment & Systems


What is a CNC Machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Numerical Control is the automated control of machining tools by means of a computer. The computer follows a programmed code that contains instructions to process a piece of material.

What is CNC Milling?

CNC Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece. This may be done in varying directions on one or several axes. This is all controlled by the computer and follows the instructions set by the programme.

What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit,
describes a helix toolpath by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates.
turning, the workpiece (metal or plastic) is rotated at high speeds and a cutting tool is traversed along 1, 2, or 3 axes of motion to produce precise diameters and depths.

What materials can be machined?

At KMF Precision Engineering we can machine a wide variety of materials and regularly machine:
Carbon/alloy steels
Stainless steels
Specialist steels
Aluminium castings

What types of CNC machines does KMF use?

Here at KMF Precision Engineering, we have a wide variety of CNC machining and turning machines available to produce your parts. We have 2-axis, 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines and 3 axis and 4 axis turning. We have 2 sliding head machining centres that allow both turning and multi-axis milling. Horizontal machining with our Mazak HCN 5000-111 with synchronised running of 12 pallets allowing a suite of parts to be run in one visit.

What is the difference between 3-Axis and 5-Axis machining?

The main difference between 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines is that the workpiece can be worked on from three axes with the former and five axes with the latter. Both are highly versatile, automated, and replicable production processes that will enable you to quickly and cost-effectively create accurate components.

What size can KMF machine up to?

KMF Precision Engineering can machine a part up to 3000 x 800 x 1000mm in size using our Mazak VTC 800/30SR which has a simultaneous trunnion + B axis head with an 18,000 rpm HSK- 40 spindle.

Does KMF offer subcontract manufacturing?

Here at KMF Precision Engineering, we will happily help with your subcontract manufacturing requirements. We have the machines and staff capable of producing high precision engineered parts in low to high volumes, depending on your needs.

What finishes does KMF offer?

From a strong base of approved and trusted suppliers, we can provide a range of metal finishing services, including, zinc electroplating, anodising (both decorative and hard), phosphoric bond,
hexavalent chromium-free, nickel plating and CARC. We also offer in-house engraving and bead blasting and vibrating tumbler facilities. We will be happy to help with any other finishes required.

What accreditations do KMF hold?

KMF Precision Engineering currently holds AS9100 and AS9001

Machined parts you can trust

KMF's machined components need to perform with pinpoint accuracy in the most demanding environments and therefore we recognise the importance of quality and precision in our products. To ensure all processes are performed to the highest quality standards, KMF Group carry ISO 9001 approval as the baseline for our quality system.

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