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CNC machined parts at KMF Precision Engineering


CNC machined parts at KMF Precision Engineering

CNC machining is a manufacturing process which uses computer software to control intricate milling and turning machines. This is then transferred to physical contact which removes material from a solid block. As a market leader, KMF Group have continuously invested in the latest technology to provide high-value and quality machined parts.

Which types of CNC machines do KMF Precision Engineering use?

KMF modern facilities offer a range of precision engineering and metal manufacturing processes, to manufacture a wide array of superior machined parts.

  • 5-Axis Machining:Computer-controlled 5-axis CNC machining enables the precision engineering of highly complex metal parts, quickly, efficiently and to the most exacting specifications. 3,4 & 5-axis machining centres allow KMF to produce a wide variety of complex machined parts, from small, precision-machined components of 5-10mm up to 300-500mm, with a machining envelope of 3000 x 800 x 700mm.
  • Sliding Head Machining: Multi-tasking, sliding head machining centres allow for both turning and multi-axial milling in the main and sub spindle. All operations can be completed from raw material to finished parts. These capabilities mean that very complex, high precision machined parts can be manufactured from raw material to the finished component in a single cycle. KMF can produce components from 2mm to 32mm through 3m bar feeds.
  • Horizontal Machining:With a fully programmable automation line, machines run day and night with the benefit of a 120-tool carousel and probe checking capabilities. Horizontal machining at KMF Precision Engineering ensures the skills to manufacture geometrically complex machined parts to the most exacting specifications, and with the highest quality machined finishes.
  • CNC Milling: With a wide range of 3 and 4-axis milling machines, high speed tapping centres and conventional heavy cutting machines, KMF operate two styles of vertical milling. CNC milling machines operated by KMF can produce precision machined parts from a full spectrum of materials including aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, tool steel, copper and brass.
  • CNC Turning:CNC turning centres and 3 and 4-axis lathes allow KMF to produce high precision machined parts ranging from 4mm to 70mm diameter for bar-fed components, and up to 300mm diameter for billeted components. The range of CNC turning lathes extends from single spindle chucking lathes to multi-spindle bar-fed machines.
  • Metal Finishing: From a strong base of approved and trusted suppliers, KMF can provide a range of metal finishing services, including, zinc electroplating, anodising and much more. In house engraving and bead blasting facilities can also be offered to customers.

Which industries do KMF Precision Engineering manufacture premium machined parts for?

KMF supplies machined parts to many market-leading companies across a range of industries. Working with the Aerospace, Medical, Rail and Defence sectors, KMF Precision Engineering has established a reputation as a specialist in CNC machining and precision engineering which can support a diverse group of products.

  • Aerospace: KMF supplies metal products, components, and precision-engineered metal fabrications. KMF is at the forefront of development in metal fabrication and precision engineering. The skilled workforce has years of experience in the manufacturer of large and small components. As a world-leader in aerospace equipment, products include commercial aircraft interiors, electronics, and AV units.
  • Rail: KMF's unrivalled technology, automation, forecast reaction to customers' requirements and stability of staff, support the manufacture of interiors, sensor equipment and line side fittings.
  • Medical: KMF Precision Engineering have the skills and capacity to produce application-ready machined parts to manufacture products which include analyser equipment, tape heads and spectrometer components.

KMF Precision Engineering recognise the importance of quality and precision to ensure machined parts perform with pinpoint accuracy in the most demanding environments. The impressive array of equipment id delivered from a purpose built 43,000 sq.ft production facility in Staffordshire. The wider KMF Group specialise in carrying out entire projects within one area, to provide fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective precision CNC machining and assembly services.

If you require high-quality and market-leading machined parts for your industry. Speak to one of our technical experts on: 01782 569060

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