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What is metal powder coating?

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Powder coating metal components

Metal powder coating is a finishing technique that includes applying a paint finish to a metal product using a dry paint powder and an electrostatic charge.

The negatively charged dry powder paint is sprayed onto positively charged components where it 'sticks' through electrical attraction.

Dry painted components are transferred to a curing oven where heat is used to fix the paint onto the surface of the fabricated metal.

Intricate fabricated metal shapes can be powder coated evenly and without sagging which allows for much thicker paint coats when compared to other paint finishes.

Powder coating is a highly efficient method of paint finishing for a wide variety of metal products, more simple to apply than wet paint with quick application times that promote efficient, streamlined production.

As a finishing method, it is very durable, hard-wearing and is highly resistant to chipping, fading and scratching and powder coatings are available in an almost limitless range of colours and textures.

How powder coating works

Powder coating is only one of a number of metal painting and printing services available at KMF Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Automated metal powder coating systems use a conveyor to move the parts through each coating stage at a constant rate. Metal fabricated products go through several stages in the powder paint process.

A highly alkaline cleaner removes any dirt or manufacturing residue and the parts are rinsed with demineralised water. Oxsilan 9810, a silane liquid, is used to create a chemical bond with the substrate before being rinsed a second time and passing through a dryer.

Parts pass through an automated spray booth where electrostatic spray guns apply electrically charged powder. The charged particles ensure an even coating and minimal overspray. Spray gun operators can apply powder to hard-to-reach areas giving the best possible paint coverage of more intricate metal components.

Powder coated components travel through a high-efficiency curing oven where the paint is 'baked' onto the surface of the fabricated metal.

About metal powder coating services

KMF uses best-in-class GEMA automatic powder coating equipment with a high-efficiency curing oven, F8 Sidetrack conveyor system and multiple QCS4 Magic Cylinder fast colour change booths.

The automated system incorporates manual powder gun facilities to ensure even coverage and high-quality results for even the most complex components.

We operate both dry powder and wet paint systems and use eco-friendly OXSILAN® pre-treatment technology with non-hazardous chemicals and first-rate corrosion resistance, important for products used outdoors.

Quality powder coating finishes

A 'clean' environment is critical to the powder painting process and stringent quality checks ensure paint is applied to the correct thickness, required gloss levels, with full adhesion and free of all contamination.

KMF uses top quality powders supplied by recognised manufacturers, and stringent spot checks are carried out at regular intervals by trained engineers.

Full traceability and compliance with ISO 9001 are maintained throughout the metal powder coating process, conforming with the high-quality standards in place throughout our facility.

Benefits of powder coating

-The finely sprayed powder can be applied more thickly without running or clogging.-Heat curing forms a protective 'skin' that is harder than conventional liquid paint.-Powder coating is an environmentally cleaner process.
-Special effects such as colour blending and surface texturing are easier to create.

Limitations of powder coating

-It is harder to achieve a thin finish with metal powder coating (KMF also offers wet spray painting).
-The time taken for a colour change is considerably higher for powder coating than wet spray painting (KMF operates quick colour change booths).

To talk about metal powder coating, metal fabrication or CNC machining at KMF please contact one of our Customer Services staff.

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