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Accurate Custom Metal Fabrication & CNC Machining Solutions which meet metal manufacturing needs

KMF Group is one of the largest sheet metal engineering and metal fabrication companies in the UK. We deliver precision sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining services to large OEMs.

Working from multiple manufacturing sites across the UK and Europe, we operate in many industries including Aerospace & Defence, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Automotive and Food Processing. KMF is well-placed to meet any subcontract sheet metal engineering requirement through leading technology.

Whether your product requires CNC punching, laser cutting, CNC machining, metal forming, welding, powder coating, or dedicated stainless steel fabrication, KMF Group has the engineering capacity to fulfil requirements with agility and speed.

KMF is a one-stop metalwork partner for all your custom metal fabrication needs with high-quality metal work capabilities.

Design & Prototyping of sheet metal products
Design & Prototyping

The design and prototyping of metal components is a critical part of our business relationships and is often where it all begins. Using the latest CADCAM software and skilled, modern precision engineering design techniques, KMF works closely with its customers from the start. Our metal design services consistently deliver design enhancements, quality improvements, cost competitiveness, and shorter market lead times.

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CNC Cutting

Versatile CNC metal cutting services play a critical role in sheet metal manufacturing at KMF. Our industry-leading CNC metal punching and laser cutting facilities are supported by full automation and can run lights out, to offer customers unmatchable efficiency, high speed, and competitively priced parts.

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Trubend 7036 Press Brake at metal fabrication company
Metal Forming

KMF is a leading supplier of sheet metal folding and metal fabrication services across Europe. We employ high-tech sheet metal forming machines with the latest in innovative computer software to manufacture a multitude of metal formed products. KMF Group currently operates TruBend manual press-brake machines, TruBend automated metal folding cells and Salvagnini panel bending facilities to deliver a flexible and efficient metal fabrication service.

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Welding of sheet metal components

The metal welding facilities at KMF include highly-skilled, manual and automated MIG and TIG welding for an extensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our highly experienced weld teams specialise in welding of low to medium gauge material and are trained to a very high standard. We manufacture components and welded assemblies of various sizes, materials, and levels of complexity.

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5-axis machining 2
CNC Machining

We excel in the manufacture of high-quality machined components from one-off prototypes and small batches to large volume machining and milling in a variety of different materials; including carbon alloy steels, stainless steel, titanium, specialist alloys, brass, aluminium, and many plastics.

Our impressive array of CNC machining equipment employs simultaneous and fixed 5-axis technology, sliding head, milling and turning, precision tapping centres and a well-equipped metrology department.

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bead blasting
Metal Finishing

Metal finishing is a crucial process in our design-to-delivery metal manufacturing service, allowing us to support our customers with both fabricated assemblies and machined components ready for shipping or delivered directly to the end-user. Our flexible metal finishing treatments powder and wet painting, low pressure glass bead blasting, silk screening, engraving and more.

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Metal Manufacturing Alignment

On receipt of a Request for Quotation, the sales, engineering and quality teams at KMF work to analyse your designs and specifications to ensure manufacturing alignment between your product and our machines and processes. New product introduction and value engineering processes allow any questions or concerns to be addressed and efficiencies and cost-savings to be identified.

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Metal Manufacturing Process & Planning
Manufacturing Process & Planning

Once we receive your order, we work to understand your wider manufacturing requirements and how we can support manufacture from design to delivery. We will review demand forecasts, lead times, supply chain sourcing, packaging requirements and delivery logistics.

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Prototype Production
Prototype Production

As all manufacturing requirements are reviewed, prototype production begins and customer approvals are received. Any adjustments are made and final programming of parts allows a seamless transition between initial prototype production to high-volume manufacture.
The development of prototypes can also reassure our customers that the end-result will be a quality final product.

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Sheet Metal Production
Ongoing Production

Following prototype approval, parts are released for ongoing production and our scheduling and capacity planning systems ensure we can accommodate your demand. Orders are managed by dedicated customer service contacts to ensure the ordering process is hassle-free, and products are delivered on-time, every time.

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Regular Business Reviews
Regular Business Reviews

Regular business reviews let us know we're doing everything we can to meet customer requirements. Project performance is reported and communicated and as your needs and strategy change, we ensure we can meet product/demand fluctuations, make quick design changes or explore new projects.

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Metal Manufacturing

Our advanced sheet metal fabrication & precision sheet metal engineering facilities benefit from ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification and some of our specialist manufacturing units also hold additional certifications, including AS9100 for the aerospace and defence industries, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety.

ISO Accredited Fabrication reassures our customers that we have demonstrated the ability to deliver product manufacture and design services that exceed customer (and regulatory) requirements for machine parts.

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Welding is a critical process in our operations as precision sheet metal fabricators. Welders at KMF have the substantial experience needed to carry out welding projects of any size or scope for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

We also hold Welding Approvals to BS EN ISO15614 and Welding Visual Inspection to CSWIP 3.0.

Our precision machining services are currently available to complement any projects required for precision sheet metal customers. KMF can supply machined components in various materials including; carbon/alloy steels, stainless steel, titanium, specialist steel, brass, aluminium and plastics.

KMF offers a full range of metal finishing processes, including powder coating, bead blasting, laser marking and silk screening. Our ability to carry out further processes in house, ensures customer deliveries are not compromised by sub contract operations.

However, if specialist treatments and finishes are required, we have a strong base of approved and trusted suppliers who consistently meet the same high standards for quality, delivery, cost and customer satisfaction as we do.

Precision fabrication, machining, custom metal fabrication and metal finishing isn’t all KMF has to offer. As leading custom sheet metal fabricators we also deliver extensive product assembly services.

We provide manual and automated assembly options, including electrical and mechanical assembly to manufacture sub-assemblies for OEMs who wish to focus on their core competencies. Metal product assembly also includes diligent quality testing, packaging and delivery.

Sheet Metal Solutions

The objective of our Value Analysis & Value Engineering processes is to take your OEM product designs and optimise them for competitive, repeatable manufacture.

We offer rapid prototyping and robust testing and use the latest value engineering software to streamline production, improve quality and deliver long-term cost savings. Our proven systems allow us to move seamlessly from New Product Introduction to repeat order.

Through our industry-leading scheduling software and communication of your demand forecasts and delivery KPIs, we can deliver products exactly to order, on-time.

Lead times range from three days to a typical 10 – 12 days, allowing our customers to match demand to their rate of consumption, without the need to stock inventory. Our flexible processes also mean we can up-scale quickly and perform our sheet metal fabrication and machining as efficiently as possible.

Whether it’s the procurement of supply chain components, or managing free issue parts for assembly, supply chain management is a major part of KMF’s one-stop-shop metal manufacturing service.

With a strong supplier network and a cost-competitive culture, we aim to strengthen your supply chain by building integral relationships; offering expertise on new materials and processes or managing the purchase and supply of additional components for delivery of fully-integrated end products.

When manufacturing large or high-volume fabricated components or assemblies for OEMs, transportation costs can account for a large amount of your overall costs. Whether you use your own transport, use a preferred supplier or rely on KMF's delivery fleet, we will work with you to optimise products and packaging for stable and cost-effective logistics.

With accurate steel fabrication facilities in the UK and Europe (Slovakia), OEMs working across multiple locations can also benefit from multi-site supply to ensure product consistency and quality whilst minimising overall logistic costs.

With 255,000 sq ft of metal manufacturing facilities across the UK and Europe, our capabilities are extensive. We can minimise your risk and lead times by taking care of your OEM products from design to delivery.

Some of our largest, global customers work with multiple businesses across the KMF Group, receiving an outsourced metal manufacturing solution that is optimised for efficiency, speed and quality.

Customers who often outsource to many specialised fabricators, can instead receive an all-encompassing metal fabrication solution from KMF.

Sheet metal production across industries

KMF Group delivers effective sheet metal fabrication solutions across a range of OEM industries, meeting the specific needs of each. Whatever your industry or product, KMF can engineer a solution to fit your needs. We service every major industry and can adapt our sheet metal fabrication and engineering processes for each.

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KMF specialises in the outsourcing of design, prototyping, sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering to provide OEMs with a higher return on outsourcing investment. We work to build strategic partnerships with our customers to strengthen core competencies and allow them to achieve complete supply chain continuity.

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