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The Lego Project

This year's Young Engineer of the year competition will ask students to build, programme and test, real-life robots using Lego technology. The project concludes with the final tournament in June 2017. Participants are currently building their robots ahead of a master class.

The Lego Project is being supported by First Lego League and Institution of Electrical Engineering.

The Project timeline ...

September 2016: School launch

Presentations are given to all 24 participating secondary schools, detailing previous YEOTY competitions and this year's Lego project. Schools are matched with sponsors and select their teams.

October 2016: Schools get their Lego Kits

All schools attend launch days at Newcastle-under-Lyme College, where the students and sponsors are introduced to the League Robots and the First Lego League challenge. After an engaging demonstration, students spend the remainder of the session starting to build the Animal Allies Lego kits.

November 2016: Training sessions for sponsors and teachers

Training sessions are provided at Newcastle College's Lego Innovation Studio. During sessions, sponsors and teachers receive critical guidance on how to programme robots and the rules and penalties of the Lego League Challenge.

January 2017: Rules of Robot Games master class

Schools and sponsors attend a 'Rules of Robot Games' master class at Newcastle-under-Lyme College.

March 2017: Semi-Final at Newcastle-under-Lyme College

Visit our 2017 Semi Final Gallery to view the photographs from this event.

June 2017: Final tournament

The final tournament to select this year's winner takes place at Staffordshire University.

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