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The Greenpower Project

KMF Young Engineer 2014 Electric Kit Car Project
KMF Young Engineer 2014 Electric Car Project
KMF Young Engineer 2014 Electric Car Project

KMF challenged students to build and race a single seat electric car. The project was coordinated in collaboration with Greenpower Education Trust, a fantastic organisation who work hard to spark young people's interests in engineering and STEM Subjects. Their kit cars are designed for different age groups. The build and design process saw students pull together skills and knowledge from Maths, Design & Technology and Science subjects.

Eighteen local high schools participated. They were all provided with a Formula 24 kit car and received sponsorship from both local and national organisations, who provided both financial and mentoring support to the schools.

After months of designing and building, the competition concluded with a spectacular Race Day, which was held at Darley Moor road race track where all 18 schools competed for the fastest lap, furthest distance travelled and best-designed car. However, only one participant could be crowned KMF Young Engineer of the year.


  • The project engaged 2,000 Year 10 students.
  • 18 local schools were Involved.
  • One winner from Clayton Hall Business and Language College.
  • Focused engagement with schools.
  • Schools continue to participate in Greenpower national events.

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