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KMF Young Engineer of the Year

KMF in partnership with industry and education, continues to raise aspirations and enhance career development.

KMF have always worked closely with schools to try and promote the exciting opportunities available to young people if they choose to enter a career in engineering. KMF decided to take this a step further by launching the KMF Young Engineer of The Year (YEOTY) initiative.

Our Vision

Over the last four years YEOTY has reached more than 17,000 students, worked with over 25 high schools and, through KMF and local sponsors, invested over £550,000 in encouraging young people to take up a career engineering and STEM projects. Although the task changes annually, the aim remains the same: to capture the imagination of our young people and fire their enthusiasm towards careers in a STEM-related subjects or apprenticeships.

Once the brief is announced, schools receive sponsorship from a designated organisation and teams spend time planning, building and testing their designs. Entries are judged by a panel of leading members of the business community. Teams are evaluated both on their entries, as well as team values and communication.

The event ends with an awards ceremony, where the lucky winners are announced and receive their prizes. This event is hosted by TV's The Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury. It is an inspiring and memorable night for all involved.

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The Lego Project — 2017

Design — Innovate — Compete

Students are challenged to unleash their creativity with the task of building, programming and testing, real-life robotics using Lego technology.

Key Dates:

  • September 2016 — The Lego Project is launched in schools and teams are selected
  • October 2016 — Schools are provided with their Lego kits, meet their sponsors and start to build their robots.
  • January 2017 — Schools and sponsors attend a 'Rules of Robot Games' masterclass at Newcastle-under-Lyme College.

This year's Lego Project is supported by First Lego League and Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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The Space Project — 2016

Design — Build — Launch

Students were challenged to launch balloons into near space carrying GoPro Cameras to complete scientific experiments of their choice. Schools competed to achieve the best 'selfie' in space.

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The 3D Print Project — 2015

Design — Print — Pitch

Students were provided with a MakerBot Z18 3D Printer and tasked with a brief to design and print a gadget. Students pitched their gadgets to a 'Dragon's Den'-style judging panel.

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The Greenpower Project — 2014

Design — Build — Race

Students were tasked with building Greenpower Formula, F24 Electric Kit Cars. After the build, schools competed against each other on a race day track.

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The Clock Project — 2013

Design — Make — Display

Students we're tasked with designing and packaging a mechanical clock. Students received a design brief and the mechanisms to carry out the project just as they would within industry.

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