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KMF is a serious player in the stainless-steel fabrication industry, specialising in the manufacture of high-quality fabrications and components in stainless steel, which offers high corrosion resistance, durability and 100% material recyclability.

KMF invested in KMF Special Products cell, a complete unit dedicated to stainless steel fabrication. This facility allows KMF, as stainless steel fabricators, to offer a comprehensive metal dressing service as part of its metal fabrication service.

The dressing capability permits stainless steel fabrications to be finished to the highest quality in a variety of brushed, grained or glass bead blasted finishes.

KMF's Special Products facility shares CNC punching services with the central metal fabrication site at KMF Precision Sheet Metal but houses a dedicated bending department, welding bays, a bespoke linishing and finishing room and a glass bead blasting cabinet, making KMF the perfect manufacturer for customers who favour separate processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

As stainless steel fabricators, KMF combines the efficient use of the latest technological advances in traditional metal fabrication methods to deliver products such as conveyors, cabinets, racks, display stands and food processing equipment at competitive costs.

Our reputation for quality and precision in the manufacture of stainless steel components is reflected in our blue-chip client portfolio and spans various industries, such as food and packaging, garage forecourt and medical equipment.

Fabrication is complemented by strong supply chain management, which provides secure supply for complex parts and assemblies on-time; making us the perfect partner for stainless-steel manufacture.

With our extensive metal fabrication capabilities, KMF can offer customers a one-stop manufacturing solution. Services include design, laser cutting, CNC punching, metal bending, screen printing, welding, electrical integration and custom assembly and despatch. Our facilities also utilise automated Kardex storage towers, allowing KMF to offer full material traceability.

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As the market leader in sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering, KMF can solve complex production problems and cut investment costs. See more about the outsourcing capacity at KMF.


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