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Welding & Linishing

Linishing stainless steel

KMF is continually investing in training and the latest technological advances in welding. Our welding engineers are qualified and equipped to weld all ferrous and non-ferrous materials and are sited in 12 dedicated welding bays with MIG and TIG facilities.

KMF also operates two fully automated, ABB robot MIG and TIG welding cells. These are accompanied by stud welding machinery, enabling KMF to fulfil almost any customer requirement. The area is complete with two overhead heavyweight cranes and welding extraction units.


Our dedicated fully-enclosed linishing area, combined with skilled operators, gives KMF the ideal solution for the finishing of components.

The ability to dress welded parts to match an original grained appearance, or to provide the best surface for the application of other finishes, allows KMF to provide a quality end product, as part of a complete manufacturing solution.

Advantages of Welding

  • A range of welding techniques, including automation for efficiency.
  • Highly qualified and experienced welding technicians
  • An additional fabrication process to allow complete product manufacture.

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Machines available

MIG Welding

  • Metal Inert Gas welding is the process of using electricity to melt and join pieces of metal, to form a fused metal unit.
  • Semi-Automated
  • Minimum Weld Splatter
  • Ability to join a wide range of metals and thicknesses (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium and copper etc.)

TIG Welding

  • Tungsten Inert Gas welding is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode, alongside an electrical energy, to produce the weld.
  • TIG can weld a range of metal surfaces (Copper, Titanium, Aluminium or steel) and even two dissimilar metals
  • Often used for more complex welds e.g. s-curves
  • Versatile

Automated ABB Robot (IRB1400 6 Axis):

  • Robot 1 —
    800mm, 300kg maximum component size. MIG welding in all materials
  • Robot 2-
    2400mm, 600kg maximum component size, Inc. two axis turntables.
    Reliable, Accurate, Strong & Fast

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