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Sheet Metal Manufacturing at KMF

KMF Precision Sheet Metal offers a broad range of sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication services, details of which we outline below. If you have any queries about any of the metal fabrication and engineering services we provide, please contact the KMF team.

Design & prototyping team discuss metal products

Metal Product Design & Prototyping

KMF employs experienced design engineers who use the latest RADAN CAD software to enable product concepts to be turned into new products quickly and efficiently. Following the design stage, the speedy prototyping of metal products generates vital information that is then incorporated into volume production. The aim is a structured transition from good design into competitive and reliable production parts.

For more complex sheet metal assemblies or projects, we utilise cross-functional teams headed up by an experienced project manager. This ensures that our customers receive good, reliable and consistent communication directly from the people who are closest to the work and ensures that manufacturing challenges are resolved quickly and efficiently. The KMF New Product Introduction, Design and Engineering teams have years of experience in delivering innovative metal component solutions in a competitive environment. KMF prides itself on customer service, quality assurance and product suitability.

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CNC Punching Machine Trumpf 7000

CNC Punching of Sheet Metal

CNC punching is a key element of sheet metal manufacturing. KMF continues to invest heavily in CNC punch presses in conjunction with advances in software technology to keep the company at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication both in the UK and in Europe.

KMF can create punched metal shapes and apertures from many materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zintec, copper brass and a range of engineering grade plastics. Continued investment in the latest technology and an emphasis on automation means that KMF Precision Sheet Metal can create complex components more quickly, more efficiently and at a lower cost than its competitors. High accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness is assured by the use of Trumpf CNC punching machines, fed by automated Stopa storage towers that add control and operational efficiency.

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Precision laser cutting in action at KMF

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

High precision sheet metal cutting using the latest power laser cutting technology ensures the production of accurate parts and components that meet customer specifications exactly. KMF Precision Sheet Metal uses highly productive laser cell cutting and combination laser punch machines to cut almost any shape or part.

Two Trumpf TruLaser machines, along with Trumatic 6000 and 7000 combination laser punch machines, give KMF the ability to manufacture metal components that require cutting and punching in a single operation. The economical fiber machines at KMF achieve high-quality results in a variety of materials up to 25mm thick. Stopa material towers, with the capacity of 168 tonnes of 3000 x 1500 metal sheets, enable fast operation times for all metal manufacturing projects. The towers have unloading, sorting and scrap removal capabilities similar to the automated punching cell. The KMF Slovakia metal fabrication plant boasts a comparable sheet metal laser cutting capability, with a Trumpf TC L 2530 Plus metal laser cutting machine.

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Metal forming in action at KMF

Sheet Metal Forming

KMF has the industry-leading technology and expertise to manufacture virtually any metal formed product. Years of investment in sheet metal forming machines, hardware, technology and a skilled workforce has put the company at the forefront of sheet metal folding in the UK and Europe.

KMF Precision Sheet Metal UK currently operates 14 Trumpf TruBend machines and two automated metal forming cells incorporating 110-tonne press brakes and panel bending facilities. The company prides itself on efficiency, reliability and the cost benefits of using the very latest technology to meet the most demanding of metal folding requirements. Our highly experienced engineering team works closely with customers and is available at any time. KMF Slovakia operates a range of Trumpf Trubend metal forming machines, including series 3120, 3100 and 7036 press brakes.

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Precision welding at KFM

Welding & Linishing Metal Products

The metal welding facilities at KMF include highly skilled, manual and automated MIG and TIG welding for an extensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. To complement our welding services are optional linishing processes that offer grinding, sanding and polishing of metal parts and products to a very high standard.

Welding engineers at KMF are fully qualified and trained in-house to a very high standard. Housed in 12 dedicated welding bays with MIG & TIG facilities our expert staff are equipped to weld all types of ferrous and non-ferrous components. KMF also operates two fully automated ABB robot MIG and TIG welding cells for mild and stainless steels. Along with stud welding capacity, KMF can fulfil almost any metal welding requirement. KMF Slovakia also holds two welding bays, equipped with ESAB MIG welding and TIG welding machines and spot or stud welding facilities.

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Metal painting in action at KMF

Metal Painting & Printing

Metal powder coating is an essential part of the KMF complete sheet metal fabrication and metal engineering solution. We offer liquid and powder paint coating, laser marking, silk screening and tampo printing to satisfy our customers' needs for fully commercial products.

The fully automated metal paint coating plant at KMF includes pre-treatment areas, drying ovens, powder painting booths and stoving ovens linked by conveyor systems. High capacity in-house facilities for specialist industrial metal paint coatings result in fast delivery for customers outsourcing manufacturing operations. Our metal painting production team can help produce finished end-user turnkey solutions with short lead times and high-quality execution.

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Metal forming stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Fabrication

KMF is a serious player in the stainless-steel fabrication industry, specialising in the manufacture of high-quality fabrications and components in stainless steel, which offers high corrosion resistance, durability and 100% material recyclability.

KMF invested in KMF Special Products cell, a complete unit dedicated to stainless steel fabrication. This facility allows KMF, as stainless steel fabricators, to offer a comprehensive metal dressing service as part of its metal fabrication service.

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Working on electro mechanical cabinets

Electro-Mechanical Integration

As part of our complete precision sheet metal fabrication and engineering solution, KMF possesses full, turnkey electro-mechanical integration capabilities and experience that enables KMF to act as a one-stop shop for almost all sheet metal fabrication requirement.

KMF staff understand that complex metal product assemblies can require rigorous oversight, robust quality control and powerful engineering support. KMF has a dedicated integration facility that enables fully configured turnkey solutions, with specialist teams able to provide seamless integration from design to production. Our Integration business units are staffed by a highly experienced workforce skilled in new product introduction and deliverables. The use of reliable integration teams at KMF allow clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

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Advanced Solutions hi-tech workshop at KMF Precision Sheet Metals

Advanced Metal Engineering Solutions

The purpose-built Advanced Solutions unit at KMF Precision Sheet Metal operates precisely to satisfy the very highest demands of our many medical, aerospace and military clients.

Advanced Solutions gives KMF an extraordinarily robust and rigorous process control as well as full material traceability to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial and commercial sectors and to satisfy clients who require specialist electrical integration. With four BSI accreditations and a highly skilled workforce, KMF has the engineering capacity to provide metal product solutions to the highest level, from concept to testing. This service is not yet available at our Slovakia facility.

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