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Sheet Metal Manufacturing

We offer a broad range of sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication services, details of which are detailed below.
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Design & prototyping team discuss metal products

Metal Product Design & Prototyping

A CAD Engineer and Design service allows for both product and cost improvements in production concepts and new product introductions. After design, prototyping of customer designs enables seamless transition from design into finished production parts.more...

At KMF, individual team members are responsible for designated customer projects. The direct contact with CAD designers and mechanical engineers helps to resolve customers' manufacturing challenges, while improving customer service, quality assurance and product suitability.

By developing prototypes and utilising industry leading technology, the KMF design team can create innovative manufacturing solutions whilst remaining competitive.

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CNC Punching Machine Trumpf 7000

CNC Punching of Sheet Metal

Punched shapes and apertures, created using punch presses, in a variety of materials up to 8mm. Complex designs can be created using mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, Zintec and much more.more...

Our strategy to consistently invest in the very latest technology has put KMF at the forefront of manufacturing. In addition, an emphasis on automating the process where possible helps sustain our drive to increase our competitive advantage.

Using Trumpf CNC piercing machines, KMF can offer high accuracy, high speed and competitively placed parts. KMF's UK facility consists of Three TruPunch 5000s, two Combination Punch/Laser machines (TruMatic 6000 and TruMatic 7000) and a broad range of punching tools to allow complex parts.

Stopa storage towers support this automation, each of our towers capable of storing 90 tonnes of sheet metal, ready to be processed into the FMC. The automated elements within the cell enable a 60% increase in efficiency, compared to conventional manual punching and laser systems.

Additional CNC punching capacity can be found at KMF Slovakia, with Trumpf TruPunch 3000 and TruPunch 5000 technology.

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CNC Punching

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

High precision sheet metal cutting using the latest power laser cutting technology ensures accurate parts and component which meet customer specifications exactly. The economical fiber solution employed by KMF achieves high-quality results in a variety of materials, up to 25mm thick.more...

KMF uses highly productive laser cell laser cutting machines that can accurately cut almost any shape or part. Two Trumpf TruLaser machines, along with Trumatic 6000 and 7000 combination laser punch machine's, give KMF the ability to manufacture components that require both cutting processes to be completed in a single operation.

To complement the combination laser punch machines is a Stopa material tower with the capacity to hold 168 tonnes of 3000 x 1500 sheets. As well as a fully automated load the tower has unloading, sorting and scrap removal capabilities similar to the automated punching cell.

The KMF Slovakia metal fabrication and engineering plant boast a similar sheet metal laser cutting capability by maintaining a Trumpf TC L 2530 Plus laser cutting machine.

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Sheet Metal Forming

Bending and pressing a range of materials to form complex parts accurately. Our team of operators, along with fully automated machines, allow us to create detailed, quality parts that meet your requirements while excelling in competitiveness and productivity.more...

Careful consideration needs to be given, to select the most appropriate folding process to meet the customer's needs. Fortunately, KMF's programme of continuous investment means that the facility is equipped with the latest technology in a variety of formats.

KMF have 14 TruBend machines and two automated folding cells,incorporating 110-ton press brakes and panel bending facilities. These units offer reliability and predictable set-up time, enabling short batch runs.

KMF Slovakia also possess a range of Trumpf Trubend machines, including series 3120, 3100 and 7036 press brakes.

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CNC Punching

Welding & Linishing Metal Products

Our welding facilities offer highly skilled, manual and automated MIG and TIG welding in a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This service is complemented by an optional linishing utility, to provide high-quality cosmetic parts.more...

KMF's welding engineers are qualified and equipped to weld all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, housed in 12 dedicated welding bays with MIG & TIG facilities.

KMF also operates two fully automated ABB robot MIG and TIG welding cells, for mild and stainless steels. These are accompanied by stud welding machinery to allow fulfilment of almost any customer requirement. The area is complete with two overhead heavyweight cranes and welding extraction units.

KMF Slovakia also hold two welding bays, equipped with ESAB MIG and TIG welding machines and spot/stud welding facilities.

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Precision Sheet Metal

Metal Painting & Printing

Powder coating, wet paint, laser marking, silk screening and Tampo printing are an essential part of KMF's complete manufacturing solution. Painting allows KMF to ultimately transform the customer's need into fully commercial products.more...

High levels of capacity are realised through a fully automated paint plant, consisting of in line pre-treatment, drying ovens, three powder coating booths (linked by two separate conveyor systems) and two stoving ovens.

The ability to carry out these activities in-house ensures customer deliveries are not compromised by subcontract operations.

KMF Slovakia also offer a subcontract powder coat paint service.

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KMF electro mechanical integration systems

Electro-Mechanical Integration

As part of KMF's complete sheet metal manufacturing, fabrication and engineering solution, we possess full, turnkey electro-mechanical integration capabilities and experience; another service which enables KMF to act as a one-stop shop for almost all of sheet metal fabrication requirements.more...

KMF provide a complete contract manufacturing solution that allows manufacturers and OEMs to concentrate on their core business activities.

KMF have a dedicated integration facility to meet the requirement for fully configured turnkey solutions. It includes Integration business units, an electrostatic discharge assembly area, new product introduction and deliverables, all supported by a skilled integration team.

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Advanced Solutions hi-tech workshop at KMF Precision Sheet Metals

Advanced Metal Engineering Solutions

A purpose-built manufacturing unit which utilises our AS 9100 & ISO 9001 BSI accreditations and provides solutions specifically for medical, aerospace and military customersmore...

Our purpose-built Advanced Solutions unit operates specifically to meet the needs of our medical, aerospace and military customers. With BSI accreditations, full material traceability and documentation control, KMF has the available capacity to provide high-level solutions, from concept to test.

This service is not available from our Slovakia facility.

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