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Benefits of Outsourcing with KMF

KMF staff examine sheet metal components
Precision engineer measurements
High tech handling of components

With expert knowledge, industry-leading technology and impressive supply chain management, KMF specialises in the outsourcing of sheet metal fabrication and engineering for OEMs to provide a greater return on outsourcing investment.

Benefits of outsourcing with KMF include:

  • Reduction in capital equipment costs
  • Reduced costs associated with production and maintenance
  • Cost savings in the training and the recruitment of skilled staff
  • Elimination of stock holding resulting in improved cash flow and increased capacity — (save yourself the cost of acquiring new premises, equipment and staff).
  • Improved lead times, allowing you to process more sales and offer improved customer service.
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness within production to easily meet fluctuating demand and avoid costly sub-contact labour at peak times.
  • Provide your company with a competitive advantage by controlling costs and reducing risk.
  • Access to a large, highly skilled workforce to facilitate rapid growth or expansion
  • Allow your organisation to focus on production, innovation, development and sales.
  • Benefit from increased purchasing power, with a company who has experience across a variety of products and industries with many suppliers.

With nearly 50 years experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF is the perfect partner to help you make the transition.
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