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Design And Prototyping at KMF Precision Sheet Metal

design for manufacture
Using CAD software to design and develop metal products

KMF Precision Sheet Metal specialises in the rapid and cost-effective prototyping of new designs and new methods of metal fabrication.

Our sheet metal design and prototyping teams deliver intelligent and timely design services.

Our experienced customer-focused team of designers and engineers, equipped with the latest advanced modelling software (Creo Parametric 3.0), ensures that KMF can provide our clients with a significant cost and time-to-market advantage in all aspects of sheet metal manufacture.

We use Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly(DFA) methodologies to ensure that best practice is built into our designs from concept through to manufacture.

With more than 80% of a product price and supply chain performance in sheet metal manufactured products determined in the design-engineering phase, accessing the partner who can deliver on all fronts is vital to product success. 

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) teams can utilise the latest technology and software to provide product and cost improvements in both production concepts and new product development.

KMF is proud to provide a complete design-to-delivery solution for our precision sheet metal fabrication customers

The aims of KMF design & prototyping teams are to:

  • Understand customer requirements and expectations to the letter
  • Agree on timescales that fulfil complex design briefs
  • Manage the initial design phase efficiently to eliminate delays
  • Provide prototypes or 3D models that promote early customer collaboration and a seamless transition from design to delivery
  • Deliver engineering drawings and bills of materials, including supply chain engagement
  • Provide clients with full, issue-level controlled drawings at agreed sign-off stages
  • Establish a final system and integration testing to specified customer criteria.
  • Utilise DFM and DFA to drive lower manufacturing costs

The KMF Precision Sheet Metal design and prototyping teams not only help streamline the product design and testing, they also ensure sheet metal products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and meet the most competitive demands of the industry in custom metal fabrication every time.

KMF design & prototyping software Includes:

  • CREO 3.0 (Allowing Advanced Modelling)
  • Windchill data management system
  • 3D Radan Sheet Metal Design and Automatic Unfolding Package
  • 3D Solidworks Premium Licenses
  • Automated B.O.M. creation


It makes no sense to use several suppliers when KMF Group can design, prototype, fabricate, engineer, integrate and assemble complete turnkey solutions. Read more about our outsourcing capacity.

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