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Horizontal machining operation at KMF
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Horizontal machining at KMF Precision Engineering offers accurate high-speed machining of top-quality metal components at the lowest cost.

With a fully programmable automation line, our top-of-the-range horizontal milling machines can run day and night with the benefit of a 120-tool carousel and probe checking capabilities.

It means that KMF Group can provide a comprehensive variety of precision engineering services that include high-quality CNC machining, mechanical assemblies and custom sheet metal fabrication.

Rigorous attention to precision makes KMF the first choice for many aerospace, defence and medical companies where the exacting specifications, quality machined finishes and the ability to produce geometrically complex parts is of critical importance.

Investment in horizontal machining

Rigid designs in horizontal machining allow not only fast acceleration and increased repeatability but also better swarf management, finer surface finishes and longer tool life.

Investment in Mazak HCN 5000-111 machines and the latest CNC software has helped KMF Precision Engineering grow into one of the leading suppliers of multi-pallet machined components.

The world-class HCN-5000 horizontal machining tools combine advanced technology and high performance to achieve maximum output. The large work envelope and pallet size, as well as a fast rapid traverse speed and rigid, reliable spindle, make this one of the most versatile machines on the market.

The HCN-5000 allows skilled and experienced operational staff at KMF to match spindle performance to specific machining requirements for fast, efficient and versatile machining of a wide variety of materials from steels to nonferrous metals.

The addition of in-house tooling and fixturing, linked directly to a scheduling system, means that KMF can synchronise the running of 12 pallets with the ability to run off a suite of parts in a single visit.

Highest quality engineered products

But speed is not everything. We understand the importance of quality and dependability in all KMF engineered products and components and the need to perform with pinpoint accuracy in the most stringent of environments.

To ensure all manufacturing processes perform to the highest quality standards, we employ ISO 9001 as the criterion for our quality system and also hold the prestigious AS9100 Aerospace certification.

Our quality control department performs first piece, in-process, incoming and final inspections throughout the production cycle to ensure the highest standard for every component we manufacture and we adopt a rigorous approach to all material traceability, documentation and certification.

Horizontal machined products are manufactured at KMF for many industries including rail, medical and aviation and our CNC machined components can be found in aircraft and rail interiors, medical analyser equipment, security sensor devices and AV units.

The horizontal machining units at KMF Precision Sheet Metal incorporate the latest, most advanced milling technology for boosting productivity, delivering on quality and meeting the strictest demands of customers. Contact us to discuss your horizontal machining needs, and we will do our best to help in any way we can.

Machines available

Mazak Horizontal Centre Nexus 5000-III

  • Table: 12 Pallet 500mm x 500mm
  • Trunnion: Full 4th Axis 0.001° Index
  • X Axis Travel: 730mm
  • Y Axis Travel: 730mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 800mm
  • Machine Tools: 120