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5-Axis Machining | KMF Precision Engineering

CNC 5-axis machining in action
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The use of computer controlled 5 axis CNC machining at KMF Group enables the precision manufacture of highly complex parts, quickly, efficiently and to the most exacting specifications.

KMF Precision Engineering can supply machined metal components in small batches or large volumes in a variety of materials including carbon/alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, specialist steels (S80), brass, aluminium and various plastics.

Operating from its purpose-built 43,000 sq. ft. precision machining facility in Staffordshire, KMF has more than 20 CNC machining centres and lathes in-house where the company manufactures precision machined components and assemblies to the most demanding of customer specifications, including parts for the medical and aerospace industries.

Because KMF Precision Engineering carries out projects under one roof, the company is capable of delivering a fast, comprehensive and high-quality service that meets the challenging specifications and tight time schedules regularly required by our customers.

KMF has a policy of promoting lean manufacturing methodology throughout the factory and this is nowhere more evident than in our precision machining centres.

The use of the latest 5 axis CNC machining technology, both simultaneous and fixed, gives KMF the capacity to produce the most complex components to the highest technical requirement and with exceptional finishing quality.

It is this ability to machine complex shapes in a single setup that leads to increased productivity, saving customers time and money through speedy fixture preparation and faster processing times.

The added investment in large capacity tool carousels, probing and dead stop fixtures means we can further reduce the downtime in costly set-up procedures and keep cycle times to a minimum.

Precision machined metal components

KMF Group's 5 Axis CNC machining centres can manufacture a wide variety of components ranging from small, precision machined products of around 5-10mm up to large 300-500mm parts in a multitude of materials.

We are able to machine in a working envelope of 500 x 500 x 400 on our Variaxis and Ecoline and the recent addition of a 5 axis VTC 800/30SR has increased the machining envelope to 3000 x 800 x 700.

The up-to-the-minute computer control CAM systems used with 5 axis machine tools at KMF means that the machines' multi-functional capabilities are fully utilised.

5 axis CNC machining delivers higher accuracy because parts do not need to move across multiple workstations, while easier access to the machine part geometry gives even greater precision during the production process.

The continuous adjustment of the cutting tool along five axes keeps the tip of the cutting tool optimally perpendicular to the part; this not only means perfect precision and higher quality surface finishing but also increased the speed of manufacture as there is no stopping and restarting to reorientate the tool.

The added ability to use shorter cutting tools not only increases cutting speeds and reduces vibration but also allows for optimum positioning of cutting tools, improving the tool life and cycle times.

Top quality customer service

Although 5-axis machining provides infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes that can be processed any machine is still only as good as its operator.

Expertly trained machinists with the most up-to-date skill set can make a real difference in both quality and efficiency, and at KMF we have the best-trained workforce in the business thanks to our in-house training centre and apprenticeship schemes.

We also pride ourselves on our customer service and maintain close communication with clients throughout the production process, allowing us to build strong, long-standing relationships with our clients.

In addition, KMF is one of few UK sheet metal manufacturers to hold four BSI accreditations, clear evidence of our proficiency in delivering high-quality products conforming not only to precise customer requirement but also to the most exacting statutory and regulatory specifications.

Our emphasis on quality, innovative technology, staff skills and the latest equipment drive our business and provides KMF customers with a competitive advantage in the global marketplace for all sheet metal fabrication and precision machined components.

If you would like to know more about what KMF can offer with 5 axis machining, then contact our team today to talk about what services or products you need. We will be happy to tell you how we can help.

KMF Group offers a complete subcontract machining solution ranging across the whole spectrum of precision machining and associated services including CNC turning, CNC milling and Sliding Head machining.

Machines available

Mazak Variaxis i500

  • Working Area Size: Twin Pallet 500mm x 400mm
  • X Axis Travel: 350mm
  • Y Axis Travel: 550mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 510mm
  • Tools: 80

Mazak VTC 800/30SR

  • Working Area Size: 3500 x 280mm
  • X Axis Travel: 3000mm
  • Y Axis Travel: 800mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 720mm
  • Tools: 48

Mori Seiki DMU 50 ecoline 5-Axis

  • Working Area Size: 630 x 500mm
  • X Axis Travel: 500mm
  • Y Axis Travel: 450mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 400mm
  • Tools: 30