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Machine Component Manufacturing at KMF

We manufacture a broad range of machined components. Details of the range of services offered are shown below. If you have any queries about any of the services we can provide, please contact our team.

5 axis machining at KMF Sheet Metals

5-axis Machining

Using the latest 5-axis technology, both simultaneous and fixed, we can produce complex, multiaxial components in a variety of materials. With continual lean methodology adopted by all of our machines we reduce the downtime of setup and costly cycle times by investing in large capacity tool carousels, probing and dead stop fixtures.

Our 5-axis machines allow us to manufacture a wide variety of complex components, ranging from small precision machined parts around 5-10mm, up to 300-500mm, from a multitude of materials. We can machine in a working envelope of 500 x 500 x 400 on our Variaxis and ecoline and with the latest 5-axis addition, VTC 800/30SR, this has increased our machining envelope to 3000 x 800 x 700.

Our 5-axis Department Includes: Simultaneous   Mazak Variaxis i-500 2014; Mazak VTC 800/30SR 2016; Fixed 3+2  Mori Seiki DMU 50 ecoline 2013.

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Machine engineered components at KMF Group

Sliding Head

Using the most up-to-date, high-precision, multi-tasking sliding head machining centres available allows for both turning and multiaxial milling in the main and sub spindle. With these capabilities, all operations of small, complex, high precision turned parts are completed, from raw material to finished part, in one cycle.

Operating Star sliding head machines, KMF PE can produce components from 2mm to 32mm through 3m barfeeds. In batches of up to 10,000, the maintained level of accuracy and quality is unrivalled.

Our Sliding Head Department Includes:  Star SR-32J 2013.

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Horizontal Machining

Horizontal Machining

With a fully programmable automation line, our top-of-the-range-machines can run day and night with the benefit of a 120-tool carousel and probe checking capabilities. Horizontal machining allows for a better swarf management, cleaner surfaces and a longer tool life.

The HCN 5000-111 comes with the latest software to help KMF PE become one of the leading suppliers of multi-pallet machined components. With in-house tooling and fixturing linked directly to the scheduling system, we can synchronise the running of 12 pallets so a suite of parts can be run off in one visit.

Our Horizontal Machining Department Includes:  Mazak HCN 5000-III 2016.

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CNC milling finished components

CNC MillingWith our wide range of three-axis milling machines, from high-speed precision tapping centres to conventional heavy cutting machines, we are able to produce precision machined parts from a wide variety of materials giving KMF PE a competitive edge in the manufacture of aluminium, brass, copper and plastic components.

Operating two styles of vertical milling, Brother machining centres produce high volumes of non-ferrous components on very fast cycle times. The machine's design enables tool changing times of 1.8 seconds, chip to chip, reducing costly cycles. Bridgeport and Quaser machines are heavy duty verticals that produce a wide range of steel, and stainless steel parts. All linked to the latest software, they are fitted with bespoke fixturing to enable quick changeovers and reduced lead times.

Our Milling Department Includes:Tapping Centres  Brother TC-32B Series (x2) 2009-2013; Brother TC-S2D Series (x7) 2008-2015.Milling Centres  Bridgeport Quaser and GX Series (x3) 2010; Cincinnati Arrow Series (x3) 2009.

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CNC turning machine in operation

CNC Turning

Our wide range of CNC turning centres allows us to produce high precision parts ranging from 4mm to 70mm diameter for bar fed components and up to 300mm diameter for billeted components. Ranging from single spindle chucking lathes to multi-spindle barfed lathes we can offer a cost-effective solution for all turned part requirements.

With a variety of three and four-axis lathes, we can produce multiple mill turn parts in one operation. Complex milled components which would normally be a second function on a milling machine can be produced on the Y-axis on the Mazak lathe. With the addition of a sub spindle, parts can be machined front and back allowing shafts and billet work to be completed in one cycle.

Our Turning Department Includes: Mazak 250-II MSY 2013; Victor Vturn Series (x3) 2007-2009; Hardinge conquest (x2) 2009-2012

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Automated systems at KMF


From Palletech to bar feed, we can run our machines lights out and unmanned. The Mazak Palletech system is designed with the flexibility required for creating shorter cycle times, reducing in-process inventory and simultaneously producing multiple parts over a single shift. The 12 stationed pallets are configured so that future capacity can be added without disrupting the current floor space and logistics of production.

KMF PE has invested heavily in automated systems as we recognise the advantages unmanned running can have when scheduling production. With the ability to run 24/7 all of our automated lines have optimised tooling designated and are controlled by the latest software allowing quick changeovers on multiple parts.

Our Automated System Includes:   Mazak Palletech System — 12 Position 2016; Barfeeds up to 3m long and 80mm diameter (x9).

Prototyping designs in metal at KMF


With dedicated machines available, simple one-offs to multi-part prototypes can be produced in short lead times. With dedicated personnel from time served machinists through to customers' own account managers, we make sure the right people are aligned with the project from concept to completion.

KMF PE offers 3, 4 and 5-axis prototype machines. Recognising the need to prove customers' programs out on the correct production machines, we are able to offer accurate costs and lead times to enable the ongoing project to follow the exact route from prototype to production.

CNC milling finished components


From a strong base of subcontract suppliers, we can provide a range of metal finishing including zinc electroplating, anodising (both decorative and hard), phosphoric bond, hexavalent chromium-free and CARC. We also offer in-house engraving and bead blasting facilities.

Our Finishing Department Includes:  Guyson Formula 1400 Bead Blasting Cabinet(x2) 2015

Assembling components at KMF Group


A dedicated cell allows us to offer in-house assembly providing a complete mechanical manufacturing solution. From simple helicoil insertion to fully assembled turnkey operations we can provide the necessary skill to fulfil all customer needs.

All our cells are specifically designed to meet the needs of the projects. Having in-house machining capabilities allow KMF PE to manufacture bespoke benches and the necessary jigs and fixtures to aid the assembly of the custom parts.



In a temperature and humidity controlled environment, using some of the best available technology, our metrology equipment is there to ensure parts are manufactured to the required specifications and tolerances.

Using the latest software we can download customer models and re-engineer programmes to maintain complete control over the measured components. With BSI accreditations, full material traceability and document control give you the security and support that KMF PE is producing your exact components from design to delivery.

Our Metrology Department Includes:  Wenzel LH65 2015; Mitutoyo Euro Apex C-A544 2013

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