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Laser Cutting at KMF Precision Sheet Metal

Laser Machine in use at KMF

Metal laser cutting technology at KMF Precision Sheet Metal offers some of the most innovative accurate and precise cutting techniques available in the industry today.

Later cutting allow designers to used CAD file systems to guide high-powered laser beams to achieve the finest levels of cutting detail on a broad range of materials.

In metal laser cutting, high-powered light beams are reflected and focussed into a finely tuned laser head that cuts through the material to very high tolerances.

Laser cutting not only results in fast, efficient operation but also leaves a sharp edge and a high-quality surface finish that requires less cleaning.

Industrial laser cutting machines at KMF are used to create complex shapes from flat sheet metal and pipes quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and to a very high standard.

Advanced features of our laser metal cutting machines give complete control of the metal cutting and punching process that is clean, fast and highly cost efficient.

The highly productive laser cell at KMF can accurately cut any shape or part required from sheet metal. The laser cutting department has two fast Trumpf TruLaser machines that offer high flexibility and excellent cost effective metal cutting operations.

High-level laser cutting machine dynamics and a large number of timesaving options and innovations give KMF the capacity to produce any number of metal components in the most cost-effective way.

KMF also operates Trumatic 6000 and 7000 combination laser/punch machines that give KMF the ability to manufacture components from sheet metal that require both cutting and punching in a single operation.

To complement the combination machines KMF has installed a Stopa material tower which can hold 168 tonnes of 3000 x 1500 sheets and boasts fully automated load, unload, sort and scrap removal similar to our automated punching cell.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Material Thickness: Up to 25mm
  • Strong Power: to cut almost all material up to 4000W.
  • TRMPF Data: allows easy cutting of copper and brass.
  • Increased Efficiency: easier nesting and reduced waste.
  • Cleaner Workflow: reduced requirement for deburring and linishing.

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Machines available

TruLaser 3030

  • Power: 3200W
  • Speed: 140m/min
  • Material Thickness: Mild Steel 20mm, Stainless steel 12mm, Aluminium 8mm
  • Extras: Processing Tubes and Profiles with the RotoLas option / One Cutting Head for all Sheet Thicknesses

TruLaser 5030 Fiber

  • Power: 3000W
  • Speed: 265m/min
  • Material Thickness: Mild Steel 25mm, Stainless Steel 20mm, Aluminium 20mm, Copper and Brass 8mm
  • Extras: Load, Lift and Sort Master / Fiber ensures exceptional quality with both thin and thick sheets

Trumatic 6000/7000

  • Power: Up to 4000W
  • Speed: 116m/min
  • Material Thickness: Maximum 8mm
  • Extras: Scratch-free Processing and Mark-Free Clamps / TruFlow CO2 laser for High-Precision Cutting Results

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