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Advanced Solutions hi-tech workshop at KMF Precision Sheet Metals
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Integrated electrical component

KMF has invested £1 million in a purpose-built advanced solutions unit, located adjacent to the main manufacturing facility. The 11,000 sq ft unit is designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements necessary when manufacturing aerospace, medical and military products.

Advanced Solutions allows KMF to excel in supplying these markets and complements the effective working methods, processes and measurements already in place, which make KMF a leading UK supplier of precision sheet metal solutions.

The unit offers the latest technology in sheet metal manufacturing equipment along with the enhanced features of a computer-controlled tower inventory and an electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliant integration suite. This suite includes specialised flooring and benches designed to protect delicate or sensitive components from static build up.

Sharing the state-of-the-art cutting and profiling equipment with the main metal fabrication site, Advanced Solutions adds tight process control and full product traceability to meet the needs of demanding sectors and those requiring specialised electrical integration.

Staff work hard to maintain both product and process integrity, maintaining a BSI AS9100 accreditation by employing visual controls and error proofing systems wherever practical. This ensures order reliability and repeatability.

When required, manufactured subpart traceability can be provided by the use of efficient part marking systems and advanced ERP software, to link component level to customer contracts.


  • AS9100 Rev C (aerospace) accredited
  • Full material traceability: each part marked with unique job number to allow traceability back to source
  • Available capacity
  • High-level complete solutions from concept to testing.
  • SC21 at Silver Award level — an accolade only a few UK manufacturing companies achieve.


Highly trained staff and industry-leading technology ensure KMF Group can provide the highest-quality and competitive components as well as the resources and capacity to become your perfect outsourcing partner.

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Machines available

Storage Solution

Kardex Remstar Shuttle

  • Maximum Load: 560 kg
  • Automation
  • Material Traceability: Special Access & Check In/Out Service
  • Easily Modified: Ability to store goods in air-conditioned units or under clean room conditions.