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Renewable Energy Products from KMF Group

KMF works closely with key supply chains in the renewable energy sector to manufacture and assemble sheet metal fabricated and metal engineered products.

We fabricate a variety of parts and assemblies for renewable energy devices as varied as wind turbines, electric vehicles and solar panels.

KMF can offer a complete solution for energy industry clients, from design and prototyping of components, to the fabrication and engineering of parts and through to assembly, testing and delivery.

Our expertise in manufacturing technically complex components to meet our customers' delivery requirements while maintaining our commitment to the highest quality, has helped KMF forge strong strategic partnerships in the renewable energy sector.

Clients who need fabricated metal products for solar, wind or similar renewable energy installations can be confident that KMF has the skills, expertise and efficiency to deliver on-cost and within designated time frames.

Fully equipped to meet any challenge

The company is fully equipped with the latest machinery for metal fabrication including industry-leading laser cutting, metal bending, CNC punching and milling, MIG and TIG welding, painting and powder coating and technology.

KMF is also fully equipped for electro-mechanical integration and a best in class Enterprise Resource Planning system enables us to simultaneously manage complex sourcing and production processes.

Our press brake metal forming capacity and skilled technicians enable KMF to create the most complex punched metal or laser cut steel shapes to the most demanding specifications quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

KMF can supply machined components to the tightest of tolerances while our reputation for quality gives clients confidence in our ability to ship directly to our customer production lines when required.

Energy products for all seasons

It is through close co-operation with partners that our skilled engineers and sheet metal fabricators have gained valuable experience in the broader energy market, designing and manufacturing component parts, for example, for energy efficient heating modules, air conditioning units and ventilation systems.

Whether products are powered by solar energy, wind, battery or gas, KMF can combine the real-world experience of the renewable energy sector with expertise in precision metal engineering and sheet metal fabrication to produce a vast range of energy industry applications.

Many energy components must be designed for outdoor as well as indoor use. KMF has the capacity to manufacture products from stainless steel and galvanised metals to provide the highest levels of corrosion resistance along with high quality linishing and powder coating facilities.

Customer service is at the heart of KMF

Above all KMF prides itself on its customer service. From initial contact to final product delivery we have customer service teams whose only aim is full client satisfaction.

We continually monitor our performance to ensure our processes and procedures meet the needs of every client while adapting our systems to ensure we can satisfy ever-evolving demands, especially in the developing energy industry sector where innovation is central to success.

Throughout the production cycle, our renewable energy industry clients can expect round-the-clock assistance from designated customer service personnel who will be there to answer queries promptly, provide helpful advice and communication and to ensure all client demands are satisfied as quickly and efficiently as possible.