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Success linked to people at KMF

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KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) places the credit for its success with its ongoing policy of investment in technology and people.

And this drive to invest and to maintain the company's competitive advantage will continue to grow.

KMF's purpose-built training school has allowed the company to manage its apprentice training in-house, as well as expand the training and development of the remainder of its employees.

The training school is now at the heart of all KMF staff development strategies and the company's determination to enhance the skills and knowledge of its staff.

This has led to a partnership with the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to create a process to deliver these needs, with phase one of the process nearing completion this is proving to be a very productive relationship.

KMF wanted to develop a sustainable programme of team development within all functions of the business to help to re-enforce the foundations of good, necessary, and best practice.

"Key to the success of the programme was the mix of people, skills and attitudes invited to each session," says Keith Nicholl, KMF' Business Improvement Manager.

"For example, the structured problem-solving sessions were attended by team members, leaders and seniors from the quality, engineering and production departments."

"Team development sessions were made up of representatives from accounts, purchasing, customer services, sales, engineering, quality and production. The results from the programme so far have met exactly with our expectations."

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