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Stainless steel processing cell at KMF

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KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) has invested further in its manufacturing capabilities with the completion of a new stainless steel processing cell, which has gone into full production with the installation of a Kuhlmeyer ZBS belt grinding machine.

The cell, which includes folding, spot welding and CNC stud welding will speed up the processing of stainless steel sheet metal assemblies, and increase the overall capacity of KMF sheet metal manufacturing.

"The cell will give us a focussed approach to resolving the issues commonly associated with this type of manufacturing processes," said Keith Nicholl, Business Improvement Manager, KMF.

The Kuhlmeyer machine is the final piece in the jigsaw, and part automates the linishing and deburring of the stainless steel fabrications.

The portal design of the Kuhlmeyer ZBS machine enables fabrications of up to three metres in length to be processed, while the continuous belts allow roughing and finishing in the same setup.

Also, the open operating environment makes loading and unloading straightforward and components can be easily positioned. The single set-up reduces the manual lifting and manouvering of elements.

"This element of automation and ease of operation was a major factor in the purchase of the Kuhlmeyer machine," said Gareth Higgins, Managing Director, KMF.

"Throughout the factory we use automated processes to generate greater manufacturing efficiencies. But it also plays a vital role in maintaining the health and safety of our staff by reducing the requirement to lift and manipulate heavy and awkwardly shaped components."

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