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Special Products
Stud Weld Stainless

Following consistent and growing demand for high-quality stainless-steel fabrications and components, KMF has further invested in their Special Products facility, introducing night shift production and expanding welding capacity to meet customer demand.

KMF Special Products, a bespoke, purpose-built manufacturing facility specialising in non-ferrous and stainless-steel fabrication, has expanded its capacity by introducing a 24/7 operation in-line with the rest of KMF's metal fabrication and precision engineering manufacturing sites.

Additional engineering resource to utilise considerable in-house resources and capabilities allows KMF to remain competitive and efficiently fulfil customer orders while improving their offering to clients who favour separate processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, mainly manufacturers of food processing and washroom equipment.

Stainless Steel Weld capacity comes in line

In addition to introducing a night shift to the facility, KMF has recently commissioned a second Taylor Stud weld CNC machine. The second machine, based within the specialist Stainless Steel Fabrication centre, adds increased control, versatility and functionality to this rapidly expanding business area within KMF's portfolio.

KMF has also brought in an additional welding bay. Now the dedicated area boasts six welding bays which are capable of operating 24 hrs per day and seven days per week.

Continuous investment, coupled with highly experienced and qualified engineers whose expertise is readily available, places KMF in a strong position to deliver the best manufacturing solutions to global OEMs within this new market target area.

Keith Nicholl, Commercial Director at KMF, said: "We have high aspirations that continued investment in this area will offer a level of expertise, competitiveness and control that will appeal to customers that we have not been able to partner with before."

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