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Multi-million laser investment at KMF

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At a cost of £2.5 million, including the construction of a further extension to its 100,000 square foot factory, KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) continues to develop its Newcastle-under-Lyme headquarters.

Increased demand for laser cut sheet metal parts from customers has led to the installation of two new Trumpf laser cutting machines and a state-of-the-art automated material handling facility.

The two laser cutting machines are a 3 kW Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Fiber Laser and a 3.2 kW TruLaser 3030 L20 Laser.

These two devices are linked by Trumpf's Trustore 3030 Storage Tower system, which can store up to 168 tonnes of sheet material in sheet sizes measuring up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm.

This material is automatically picked from one of 56 locations and transferred to the laser by a Trumpf LiftMaster Linear Store system.

The total cost of the machines and storage systems was more than £1.3 million with a further £1.2 million spent on a 17,000 square foot extension.

By combining the new laser processing machines with the automation system, KMF has arrived at truly a 'lights-out' solution to processing a broad range of materials, including copper, brass and aluminium, as well as ferrous and stainless steel sheet.

Material thickness ranges from up to six6 mm for copper and brass through to 20 mm for ferrous material. This combined with maximum axis speeds of up to 235 m/min on the Trulaser 5030 Fiber machine will lead to much-improved productivity.

This installation is the latest of an ongoing investment programme that has seen the factory increase in size by 30,000 square feet over the past two years, and the workforce grow from 250 to over 300 in the same period.

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