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KMF workshops for business

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After a record year, KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) is opening its doors to share its expertise with companies looking to unlock the power of continuous improvement.

KMF is hosting a series of 'Improvement Workshops' which are open to customers, suppliers, and other businesses that have an interest in benefiting from the continuous improvement model that the Precision Sheet metal manufacturer has deployed to such great effect.

"Employing straightforward and sustainable continuous improvement techniques has played a significant role in our success, which will see turnover exceed £30 million in this financial year," explained Keith Nicholl, KMF Business Improvement Manager.

"With this new initiative, we are looking to openly share with others what we have learnt over the course of the last five years. The intention is to peel back the mystery surrounding improvement strategies by explaining what worked (and what didn't!) and, critically, to detail the key factors that make these tools work in the real world."

Each of the KMF workshops will illustrate what needs to happen within a business for sustainable improvements to take place and are open to groups of between five and eight delegates from any single company.

The workshops will use hands-on simulations to stimulate interest and provide a clear understanding of the process and its benefits to the bottom line.

During the full days' events, held at KMF's purpose-built training centre, delegates will be exposed to the use of 5C or 5S workplace organisation, standardisation, visual control and display, and waste elimination.

KMF will explain how these tools can be used to sustain real improvements with opportunities to quiz KMF employees to find out how continuous improvement has been instrumental in driving the firm's impressive growth.

The workshops are run by Keith Nicholl who has extensive experience in helping more than 100 companies start down the path towards improving their processes.

He is joined by Gary Sutton, KMF Business Improvement Engineer, who has been instrumental in maintaining KMF's process of improvement over the past five years.

"There is nothing complicated about what we do at KMF; we have good people who now understand how to use these simple improvement tools to benefit day to day operations. We are happy to share the knowledge that we have built up and the process that we have arrived at," added Keith Nicholl.

Any businesses or organisations interested in booking a workshop should contact Keith Nicholl directly by email at K.Nicholl@kmf.co.uk

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