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KMF speeds up airport check-in

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When Airport self-service check-in kiosk developer Phase 5 Technology was looking for a manufacturing partner KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) Limited pushed all the right buttons.

Having developed revolutionary software and systems that will allow travellers to check-in for their flights in an incredible 21 seconds, Phase 5 Technology was in need of a manufacturing partner that could not only manufacture the hardware but also integrate the software and electronics to deliver a fully assembled check-in kiosk to its end-customer.

One of the key elements in the success of this partnership was the speed at which KMF reacted to design changes, rising to the challenges whenever they appeared thanks to its 'invaluable' in-house design team.

KMF now controls all aspects of manufacture for Phase 5 Technology, from design, through prototyping and final production.

With an emphasis on design and production that keeps unit costs down, they take care of the sourcing for all of the components and the logistics of delivering to our customers.

With the first of this self service check-in kiosks installed at East Midlands Airport, Phase 5 Technology is confident that they are set to revolutionise the passenger experience.

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