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Share scheme brings all round benefits

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Integrating employees into the day-to-day success of a business is a guaranteed way of improving the performance of both parties.

This is indeed proving to be the case at KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) where a productivity share scheme is celebrating its first anniversary.

The project invites employees to participate either through personal development or by the more tried and tested "new ideas" method.

In the case of the former, there are numerous opportunities, with some workshops lasting a mere 30 minutes, while others require a greater time commitment.

"What we have achieved is a method that links individual development to a framework of skills, attributes and behaviours each aligned to the business objectives," said Gareth Higgins, KMF's Managing Director.

"As a result of engaging fully with our people, we can drive productivity and profitability. When the agreed targets are met everyone participating in the scheme benefits both financially and from added job security as the business becomes stronger as a result of their efforts."

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