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Niche market growth for KMF kiosks

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Continued investment has created capacity for key areas of the manufacturing sector, such as aerospace, defence and medical, and created opportunities for growth in other technology areas for KMF (Precision Sheet Metal).

It was always part of KMF's growth strategy that the opening of its new Advanced Solutions facility would create the resource and space in its original factory to develop existing business sectors.

One particular niche market was that of touch screen media and point of sale kiosks, seen as a natural extension of a similar product that KMF already produces for a major high street coffee retailer.

That strategy is now paying dividends as an increased volume of orders, and new enquiries are increasing for this kind of product from customers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Having reconfigured the space and facilities, coupled with further targeted staff development, KMF is now in a leading position to design and develop, in partnership with its customers.

KMF-built kiosks and cabinets which incorporate the latest features, functionality and technology to make the products more user-friendly and therefore more efficient in the marketplace.

"The combination of ongoing investment in manufacturing capacity and skills; especially in the field of design, along with the creation of additional floorspace has seen a sustained rise in demand for our point of sale/multi-media kiosk capability," commented David Horne, KMF Business Development Manager.

"We are particularly excited by the interest that we have received from prospective customers in the USA, which has previously been an untapped market for us up to this point."

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