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Coffee gets express treatment from KMF

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The purple and white Coffee Nation self-service coffee bars are a familiar sight across the UK, providing consistently good gourmet coffee to travellers and office workers alike.

Now, in partnership with KMF (Precision Sheet Metal), Coffee Nation has further developed its range of coffee systems.

The solution, to introduce pay at the machine, was relatively straightforward as far as cash payments were concerned.

However, the ultimate goal was to create a card payment system that took advantage of chip and pin technology.

So, working in partnership with the engineering and design teams at KMF, Coffee Nation embarked on an 18-month project to develop its Express payment system.

This new system has opened up new markets for Coffee Nation in sectors such as education, healthcare, business and industry.

"The project was a blank canvas, and we were able to investigate many options to integrate new components to create this new vend technology, before eventually developing the existing technology to meet the new demand," explained Graham Leese, KMF Engineering Manager.

"The current touchscreen that is a familiar sight on Coffee Nation Machines was able to have the chip and pin technology integrated within it."

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