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Aerospace contract for KMF

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KMF has won the contract to manufacture components and assemblies for some of the world's leading airlines.

Contour Aerospace Limited, now part of Zodiac Aerospace, is a global leader in first and business class aircraft seating.

KMF (Precision Sheet Metal)'s commitment to invest in its SC21 Silver approved Advanced Solutions division is reaping the rewards with this long-term contract.

Like all of KMF's business, the Contour project is built on a strong working relationship with its customer and developing sheet metal manufacturing strategies to meet future demand.

"With Contour we started by manufacturing relatively simple parts, but we have moved to supply higher level components and assemblies," says Lyndon Royall, Business Development Manager for KMF Advanced Solutions.

The result is that KMF will take on large volumes of fabricated parts and larger complex assemblies from Contour's manufacturing site in Cwmbran to the Advanced Solutions facility in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

KMF will become the primary supplier of components and seat assemblies. The most recent additions to KMF's portfolio are three programs for commercial aircraft.

"Since we started this project with Contour we have seen substantial growth in this side of the business, and it fully justifies the investment that KMF has made in this facility," added Lyndon Royall.

"With an additional 10,000 sq ft of manufacturing capacity dedicated to the Advanced Solutions facility, we are well placed to continue to expand our move into the aerospace sector."

Advanced Solutions is playing a significant role in growing KMF's turnover, which last year topped £30 million.

It gives KMF the ability to service niche markets and customers in the demanding areas of aerospace, medical, and defence.

The dedicated sheet metal fabrication plant is also freeing up space within the company's main site where significant investment continues with the introduction of two state-of-the-art laser processing cells and an automated work handling system.

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