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Advanced Products drives KMF forward

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Advanced Solutions hi-tech workshop at KMF Precision Sheet Metals

The customer base of KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) Ltd is already familiar with the culture of quality and productivity ingrained in its employees.

However, KMF is now taking its fully integrated bespoke metalwork to a new level with the creation of a new facility for the manufacture of what it describes as 'Advanced Products'.

Targeting customers in the aerospace, medical and defence sectors the new 10,000 sq ft facilities will offer state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control.

"Having this new building allows us to provide dedicated machinery and resources to complete the specialised tasks required for customers in these sectors while ensuring that quality and delivery targets are achieved," said Keith Nicholl, KMF's Business Improvement Manager.

"The facility is enhanced with a computer-controlled tower inventory control and an electro static discharge (ESD) compliant integration suite with special flooring and benches designed to protect delicate and sensitive components from static build up as well as the latest in sheet metal processing equipment,"

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