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£9 Million Technological Investment in 3 Years!

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KMF PE Mazak
KMF Slovakia TruPunch

With the Festive Season almost upon us, KMF have treated themselves to some Christmas gifts — new machinery! These recent purchases bring our total technological investment to Over £9 Million pounds in 3 years!

KMF Precision Engineering have recently installed a Mazak VTC-800/30SR to further improve their Vertical and 5-Axis Machining Centre. The Mazak VTC-800/30SR is the first complete machine tool to be designed in the UK from concept to manufacture and offers KMF PE a travelling column design, featuring full 5 axis capability. It promises to enhance KMF's key attributes: performance, flexibility and precision.

This industry-leading machine utilises a 'done in one' concept, by incorporating all processes from raw materials input through to final machining, in just one machine. The VTC-800/30SR features a 40 Taper spindle swivel spindle head (B Axis), full traveling column design and fixed table for machining of extremely long and heavy work pieces.

This investment will allow KMF Precision Engineering to provide high-quality engineered components for almost any industry sector.


  • X-axis travel: 3000mm
  • Y-axis travel: 800mm
  • 18.000 RPM 40 Taper Spindle
  • Swivel Spindle Head (B Axis +/- 110 degrees)
  • 48 Tool Magazine with automatic tool changer
  • Dividable table for 'Twin Pallet Working'


  • Flexibility for 3, 4 and 5-axis machining will allow delivery of high quality precision parts quickly, reliably and competitively.
  • A spindle speed of 18,000 min-¹ and 50 m/min feed rate will allow KMF to carry out both simple and complex tasks with increased speed — significantly cutting production time
  • The machine has improved accuracy and repeatability which allows the machining of complex features and contours.
  • Intelligent Maintenance Support provides useful information for improved preventative maintenance. This will help prevent unexpected machine downtime
  • Reduces part costs via fewer fixtures and less tooling

The market leader in productivity, process reliability and flexibility

KMF Slovakia have also purchased a brand new Trumpf TruPunch 5000. The TruPunch 5000 is the market leader in productivity, process reliability and flexibility. Its individual automation solutions guarantee diverse applications and enable optimal throughput for KMF's Slovakia plant.


  • Max Sheet Thickness: 8mm
  • Max Punching Force: 220 kN
  • Max Stoke Rate: Punching 1600 1/min
  • Working Area: 2500 mm x 1250 mm
  • Tool change time (Multitool): 0.3s


  • Maximum productivity when tapping and in the processing of complex contours due to increased rotational speed
  • Improved production speed and reliability due to several Master features such as GripMaster, Sort Master Pallet and Sheet Master.
  • The 5000s ability to drives without clearance, allows maximum acceleration and positioning accuracy
  • Improved quality is ensured through scratch-free punching and forming processing when using the active die

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at KMF. Please note our offices & production facilities are closed from Friday 23rd December and will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January at 8 am.

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