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Food & Packaging Innovation at KMF

Automatic nut grading machine for the food sector

With more than 30 years experience in dealing with the food and packaging sectors, KMF understands how critical the segregation of stainless steel is to the food and packaging industries.

Stainless steel is accepted as a superior material for food processing equipment around the world as it is easily cleaned, is corrosion resistant and gives flavour protection.

To support food and packaging operations KMF runs a purpose built stainless steel facility Stainless Steel,) which enables it to fabricate a multitude of complex assemblies for this highly demanding market

Our stainless-steel environment is a hotbed of innovation, and many products are developed from concept to finished end-user turnkey solutions.

The Special Products facility allows KMF, as stainless steel fabricators, to offer a comprehensive metal dressing capability as part of its metal fabrication service.

The dressing capability permits stainless steel fabrications to be finished to a quality standard, removing oxidisation marks and reapplying grain to brushed finished items.

Our facility allows KMF to act as the perfect partner for organisations requiring precision sheet metal fabrication and machined components, within the food and packaging industries.

Weighing equipment, portion and pack distribution systems, labelling and print equipment, conveyors and machinery related to inspection and quality control live at the core of KMF Group's stainless steel product profile.

Operations carried out in a clean and lean environment allow KMF to combine the efficient use of the latest technological advances and traditional metal fabrication methods to deliver products to the food processing sector, agriculture, food technology and food service manufacturers.

Our laser engraving services are often complementary when fabricating products for food and packaging industries.

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