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Defence Industry Solutions from KMF

Components for the defence industry

KMF supplies contractors within the defence industry with sub-assemblies, precision components and sheet metal fabrications.

The KMF Group has a full understanding of the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector and possesses the ISO Accreditations to satisfy them.

Substantial investment in quality and training allows our precision engineering facility to maintain the exacting standards necessary for the fabrication and engineering of metal components for the defence market.

KMF Group can provide professional CNC milling, 3,4 and 5-Axis machining and our machined components often contribute to military vehicles and include electronics, casings, cabinets, sprockets and bushes.

Typical projects will include the machining of aluminium, carbon steels and stainless steels. Our metal fabrication products can also provide structures for land vehicles or sophisticated armour protection systems.

The flexibility of our service and the span of our expertise within precision sheet metal fabrication and engineering fields means that we are well placed to help find innovative solutions to supply a diverse range of products to suit clients' requirements.

Many market leading manufacturers rely on KMF to deliver their products on time, at a low cost and with assured quality.

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