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Switchgear racking system from KMF

The KMF Group has for many years supported global OEMs with a broad range of fabricated switchgear products and enclosures. This portfolio represents our core volume product range; this allows us to offer designated bespoke manufacturing cells. With this cellular approach, KMF offers an agile manufacturing ethos, where key customers benefit through significantly reduced lead-time and batch size.

Kiosk manufacture

Our ability to offer a true end-to-end design service has enabled KMF to diversify into fully integrated products at an electro-mechanical level. Some on the world's leading ATM, self-service kiosk and retail coffee OEMs reap the rewards by placing fully built units with us so that we can handle the complex supply chains.

aerospace seating

KMF supplies metal products, components and precision sheet metal fabrications to world leaders in the aerospace sector, supporting a variety of aircraft programs, aircraft seating and undercarriage components. Our investment has future proofed the global growth potential within this market sector, with the introduction of our 'Advanced Solutions' facility. This purpose-built £1 million aerospace engineering unit, can offer the full material traceability requirement (AS9100), supporting high-level value-added assembly work and allowing us to provide quality components across the aerospace segment. As one of few sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK to hold four BSI Accreditations, our customers in the aerospace sector can be confident that KMF will consistently meet the stringent quality requirements within the industry. It is KMF's unique offering of precision engineering and metal fabrication that allows trouble-free manufacture for one off prototypes, complex components or large scale batch production and acknowledges KMF as a complete strategic partner for our customers within the aerospace industry. In addition, KMF Precision Engineering have over 30 years' experience in the rough and finish machining of large and small, standard and complex components; engineering in advanced aerospace metals such as titanium, aluminium and specialist steels (S80). Machined components for commercial aircraft interiors, Electronics and AV units, contribute to KMF's Aerospace engineering portfolio. Industry-leading 3,4 and 5-Axis Machining Centres and Sliding Head Technology are utilised by our Aerospace customers in order to produce high-quality, large scale machined parts. Click here to view testimonials from one of KMF's major customers within the Aerospace Industry

medical sector waters

The KMF Group works with the market leading cutting edge medical equipment developers and manufacturers. Our ability to inherit and manage complicated supply chains enables KMF to offer an integrated build option to key clients. ESD controlled production cells, with a clean room environment assures our customer base that high-value PCBA and wiring loom assemblies will be box-built to industry standards.

Telecommunications photo

Our experienced engineering and design teams have the ability to offer bespoke 19" racking systems, specially engineered to the needs of our client. Our speciality is communication infrastructure and data management units across telephone and internet platforms.


In accordance with our environmental philosophy and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, the renewable energy market is an area of particular focus. The KMF Group produces a variety of component parts and assemblies for energy-saving devices, such as wind turbines, electric vehicles and solar panels.


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