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Airplane seating for aerospace sector

KMF Group supplies metal products, components and precision engineered metal fabrications to world leaders in the aerospace industry, supporting a variety of aircraft programs including aircraft seating and undercarriage components. As one of few sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK to hold four BSI Accreditations, our customers can be confident that KMF engineered and metal fabricated products consistently meet and even exceed the stringent quality demands of aerospace industries. KMF Group has future-proofed the global growth potential of the aerospace sector through the construction of a multi-million-pound 'Advanced Solutions' facility — a purpose-built aerospace engineering and metal fabricated products unit that operates under fully documented quality control procedures.The KMF Group's unique offering of advanced precision engineering and high-tech aerospace metal fabrication can provide a single source solution for aerospace companies, from the trouble-free manufacture of one-off prototypes to complex component assembly and large-scale batch production. Our engineers are fully versed in working with advanced aerospace metal products made from titanium, aluminium and specialist steels (S80), and our skilled workforce has years of experience in the machining of large and small, standard and complex components to the very highest specifications. KMF is a complete strategic partner for major aerospace companies and industry suppliers with a comprehensive aerospace engineering portfolio that includes everything from machined components for commercial aircraft interiors to switchgear cabinets and frames for electronic and AV units.Our industry-leading technologies include 3,4 and 5-Axis and sliding head machining centres that provide our aerospace customers with the very highest quality machined parts and metal fabricated products.KMF maintains AS9100 for the Aerospace IndustryThe aerospace industry demands the highest levels of quality and reliability with full material traceability and strict adherence to the AS9100 standards for quality control and management.The KMF Group's continued registration to AS9100 underpins the quality management principles that extend throughout the whole company. Our quality control procedures and management system ensure a consistent and a reliable oversight across the whole supply chain.KMF quality teams comprised of managers, engineers, technicians and machine operators oversee full compliance with strict standards throughout the manufacturing process from design to delivery. And our in-house Training Centre provides courses designed to improve operational knowledge and awareness from the workshop to the boardroom.Our experience and skills in high-level value-added assembly work allow KMF to provide quality components right across the aerospace industry sector and, with more than 30 years expertise in the sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering industry, KMF is proud of its high industry standards.The aerospace industry in the UK is now the second-largest in the world, the largest in Europe and a jewel in the crown of the UK economy. Official government figures show the UK aerospace industry directly employs 230,000 in 3,000 companies, from large multinationals to small entrepreneurial start-ups.Aerospace engineering services and the manufacture of sheet metal products are key to the success of this thriving sector.Improved supply chain performance and management are critical to the future of the aerospace sector as it develops innovative metal fabricated products and precision engineered components for new, expanding world markets.KMF Group has the capacity to manage manufacture and the supply chain for metal fabricated and precision engineered products as aerospace companies drive to deliver on-time and at-scale in the highly competitive and cost-sensitive aerospace industry market.

Self-service bag checker for the retail sector

The KMF Group has significant expertise in design, fabrication and assembly of kiosk and vending machines for OEMs across a broad range of sectors including retail, transport, food and drink, scientific and medical.Household-name companies rely on KMF to manage complex supply chains, fabricate and assemble bespoke units and provide fully integrated products from small to large-scale, on demanding timescales and to tight budget constraints.Metal products manufactured by KMF Precision Sheet Metal can range from simple metal cabinet fabrications to complex, fully-integrated electro-mechanical units containing hundreds of sub-components.Fabricated products engineered at KMF include interactive kiosks for the aerospace sector, vending machines for international coffee suppliers, baggage check-in units for airports, ticket machines for transport hubs, digital display units and Bluetooth-controlled laptop charging lockers.Single source supplier of fabricated productsIt is our ability to offer a complete, true end-to-end design, fabrication and assembly service and provide fully integrated products that have helped place KMF as one of the largest sheet metal fabricators in the UKA large flexible area fully equipped to provide complete high-level electromechanical assemblies enables KMF to act as a one-stop-shop for companies looking for a complete solution to kiosk and vending machine cabinet requirements, especially those that incorporate sophisticated interactive electromechanical components.The management of complex manufacturing processes is controlled and handled using the latest industry-specific production planning software while an internal Kanban system ensures fast turnarounds, the meeting of tight delivery schedules and the timely completion of parts for final assembly.KMF Precision Engineering has more than 30 years experience in the machining of metal components both large and small, standard and compound and the engineering skills to machine metals such as titanium, aluminium and specialist steels to the highest tolerances.Quality control counts at KMFAs one of only a handful of sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK to hold four BSI Accreditations, KMF customers can expect adherence to the most stringent quality standards. Quality control is central to the ethos and work practice at KMF, and it is the emphasis on quality, up-to-the-minute technology and innovative manufacturing solutions that drive our business and help us provide a world-class service to all customers.KMF uses dedicated quality teams composed of managers, engineers and technicians to ensure full compliance with strict quality control standards at every stage of the manufacturing process, from design and prototyping to assembly and delivery. Our commitment to quality is reinforced through our in-house training programmes at our purpose-built KMF Training Centre and a substantial investment of more than £9 million in new technology over the past few years.We also insist on professional project management teams to lead our experienced, skilled workforce and we promote a customer-based ethos throughout the company to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.And our expertise in not just confined to the UK. The KMF Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication facility in Slovakia has the capability to design, fabricate, assemble and deliver all types of kiosk and vending machines and similar fabricated products right across Europe.

medical sector waters

The KMF Group works with a broad range of market-leading medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers to fabricate, engineer, assemble and deliver all manner of scientific and medical components.The company has the specialist resources needed to project-manage complicated supply chains and to offer its key customers within the medical sector, a complete integrated build option.With ESD-controlled production cells and clean room environments, our clients can expect the highest output and assembly standards with high-value PCBA and wiring loom assemblies, box-built to industry standards.As the market leader in precision sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering in the UK, KMF has the capacity and skills to produce application-ready components for medical storage, racking systems and monitor stands.In addition, the capability for precision machining of materials to very high tolerances enables KMF Precision Engineering to service the engineering requirements of the most demanding scientific and medical equipment clients.Medical engineering expertise at KMFThe company has huge expertise in 3,4 and 5-Axis machining as well as sliding head and micromachining of aluminium, stainless steels, acetal and copolymers. KMF has the skills necessary to manufacture and assemble bespoke components for medical laboratory equipment such as analysers, tape heads and spectrometers.The KMF Group's manufacturing and assembly portfolios also include scientific and medical laboratory equipment manufacture, assembly, calibration and monitoring. The production of stainless steel medical and scientific components is a speciality of KMF.As one of few sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK to hold four BSI Accreditations and with its industry-leading engineering and metal forming equipment, KMF is the perfect outsourcing partner for OEMs working within the medical equipment industry.Quality first for medical equipment clientsWith extensive experience of manufacturing components and products for use in the medical sector, the KMF Group can guarantee the capability to meet the most stringent quality requirements of the medical sector while remaining cost competitive to the benefit of partners who face ever-growing economic pressures.With comprehensive BSI accreditation, full material traceability and document controls, KMF can offer the security and client support needed from design to delivery when producing exacting components for all scientific and medical equipment sectors.Our fully documented quality control procedures and quality management system provide a secure framework for reliability across the whole manufacture and supply chain, reinforced by in-house training at our purpose-built KMF Training Centre.The emphasis on quality control, innovative technology and exacting standards underpins the whole KMF business ethos. Customer service a top priorityThroughout the production cycle, KMF customers can expect valuable assistance from our designated customer service representatives. Their brief is to answer clients' queries quickly and enthusiastically and to ensure all requirements are met promptly, efficiently and flexibly.The teams at KMF have the experience and expertise to solve complex production processes, acting as an outsourcing partner and leaving clients to focus on their core competencies.Our expert personnel can design, prototype, fabricate, engineer and assemble complete solutions with strict adherence to tight timetables and competitive budgets.KMF Group is a single-source manufacturing solution for multinational OEMs in the medical equipment sector offering shared expertise in sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering. If you wish to know more about the medical equipment manufacture and supply capabilities of KMF Group or want to discuss outsourcing opportunities, then please contact us. We will be only too happy to talk about your medical equipment supply requirements.

Railway furniture trackside cabinet

KMF Group provides extensive sub-contract manufacturing, engineering and metal fabrication services for the railway industry.We can fabricate, engineer, assemble, supply and integrate a broad range of specialist fabricated products for modern railway networks. The KMF Group supplies fabricated components and assemblies to leading rail engineering companies and supports rail networks with metal fabricated and engineered products across many divisions, from the platform and trackside assemblies to rail interiors and rolling stock.Thanks to its large scale machining centres, a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and an unrivalled focus on quality and delivery KMF can manufacture a wide variety of metal components for railway industry equipment from simple turned parts to a complex multi-part electro-mechanical assembly.Trusted partner for rail industry companiesA trusted design, engineering and fabrication partner for rail companies in the UK and abroad, KMF can help develop intelligent, cost-effective and versatile manufacturing solutions for rail supply companies.The KMF Group's experience and expertise in sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering are underpinned by customer-centric operations, exemplary quality control procedures and a safety culture that is second to none.KMF can offer a combination of cutting-edge technology and extensive design prototyping, metal fabrication and engineering capabilities alongside technical support that benefits from a wealth of knowledge and experience in fabricated products for the rail industry.The company's dedicated 3,4 and 5-axis machining centres and sliding head technology ensure that KMF is equipped to produce all manner of prototype components for the rail network, from small and large size batches through to repetition work. We employ industry-leading technology to machine technically complex components for application in rail interiors, signal equipment and trackside fittings that meet customer specifications and delivery targets. Rail product manufacture, assembly and deliveryThe company not only has a manufacturing infrastructure capable of handling all types of component assembly, efficiently and quickly but can also oversee the complete process, from prototyping with client design engineers through sourcing materials to production, assembly and delivery, with full documentation.Metal formed panels and cabinets are made at our extensive specialist facilities complete with powder-coated surfaces, pre-drilled assembly holes, mounting hinges, and electrical components ready for wiring with all products quality inspected for exact conformance to clients' requirements.KMF Precision Sheet Metal can provide fabricated metal products often found in railway stations and on rail station platforms. They include components such as cabinet enclosures, ticketing kiosks, street furniture, storage and racking systems, as well as a range of electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies.Outsourcing rail products with KMFQuality is a top priority at KMF when it comes to outsourcing product manufacture and assembly. As one of only a handful of metal manufacturing companies to hold four ISO accreditations, we are confident we can deliver outsourced goods and services to the highest specifications.KMF customer teams ensure close cooperation on rail projects and include creative input from many manufacturing and organisational disciplines with minds always focused on the precise requirements and values of the client.With nearly 50 years experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF is the perfect partner, and our customer care team is always ready to talk about your outsourcing needs.And with 225,000 sq.ft. of sheet metal fabrication, manufacturing and precision engineering facilities, in-house training and an award-winning apprenticeship scheme, KMF has the capacity to fulfil the fast-growing demand of the railway sector.

Switchgear racking system from KMF

The KMF Group has wide expertise and experience in the fabrication of switchgear cabinets, enclosures and other products for the UK and global OEMs.Finished metal fabrications manufactured by KMF for the switchgear sector include low (LV) and medium voltage (MV) switchgear boxes and distribution boards (DB), metal enclosures for switchgear systems, control mechanisms and more.We work with market leaders in electrical power and transmission industries so you can be assured that KMF has the expertise and the capacity to provide high-quality and cost competitive application-ready products.KMF Group can provide switchgear and other electrical enclosures for many applications, ranging from electrical supply services to domestic residences and commercial offices to much larger public sector utilities such as hospitals, railway stations, colleges and schools.Switchgear cabinets — the complete solution.In addition to our core volume product range KMF has the facilities to design, prototype, test, manufacture, fabricate, engineer, assemble and deliver bespoke metal cabinet and enclosure products.As a sheet metal fabricator of almost 50 years standing, KMF can build and assemble switchgear enclosure products of the highest material quality and to the most rigorous of specifications.KMF can manufacture switchgear control cabinets, connection cabinets, wiring enclosures, meter cabinets and other enclosures according to customer specifications.Indoor and outdoor switchgear products fabricated by KMF use cutting-edge technology in laser cutting, metal forming and powder painting while our special electro-mechanical assembly area enables KMF to act as your one-stop manufacturing partner, managing the manufacture of integrated, turn-key products from design to delivery.Outsourcing partner for switchgear suppliers.As outsourcing specialists, KMF can offer clients a top quality service from customer teams dedicated to fostering close cooperation, with minds always focused on the needs of the client.With years of experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF could be your perfect manufacturing partner.And, as one of only a handful of metal manufacturing companies to hold four BSI accreditations, we are confident we can deliver fabricated and machined to the highest specifications.Our supply chain performance and quality management structures are dedicated to delivering products on-time and to budget with all output quality inspected for exact conformance to client requirements.The KMF Group's quality control structures provide a secure framework for reliability across the whole manufacture and supply chain process, reinforced by in-house training at our own purpose-built KMF Training Centre.If you wish to know more about KMF's fabrication and engineering capability within the switchgear sector or would like to discuss outsourcing your current manufacturing operations, then please contact our Sales team who will be happy to talk about your supply requirements.And our switchgear enclosure fabrication services are not confined to the UK. The KMF Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication facility in Slovakia can also design, fabricate, assemble and deliver all types of fabricated switchgear products across the whole of Europe.

Electrical assembly cabinet

The KMF Group is the perfect sub-contract partner for the manufacture, fabrication, assembly and delivery of products for the telecommunications industry.We work with leading telecoms network suppliers and telecoms equipment vendors to provide high-quality, fully-integrated products and enclosures for this ever-evolving industry sector. Typical components manufactured by KMF for the telecoms industry include storage and racking systems, data cabinets, connectivity products, pole mounts, video conferencing units and patch panels.The KMF Group specialises in communication infrastructure and the provision of data management units across many telephone and internet platforms. With expert design and new product introduction engineers, we supply products to the telecoms industry market rapidly and seamlessly, to ensure clients meet ever-changing consumer needs and regulatory requirements.The company has nearly 50 years experience in sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering and is one of only a handful in the UK to hold four BSI quality accreditations, up to and including the AS9100 certification that meets the exacting demands of stringent aerospace and defence industries.KMF has invested more than £9 million in industry-leading technology and metal fabrication facilities over the last three years and, with its award-winning apprenticeship and in-house training centre, can assure telecoms industry customers of the highest quality products using the most cost competitive components and processes.KMF for expertise in telecoms technologyKMF Group is a leading supplier of electrical, electronic and data cabinets for the telecommunications sector and has a wealth of experience and proficiency in the fabrication and fitting of robust and reliable indoor and outdoor cabinets and enclosures.Our experienced engineering and design teams can offer bespoke 19" racking systems, specially engineered to meet the needs of telecoms industry clients. KMF has a European-wide reputation for quality and precision in the manufacture of stainless steel and aluminium components, as reflected in our blue-chip client portfolio which includes not only telecommunications but other industries too, such as food processing, packaging, defence, aerospace and medical.KMF Group's expert teams of accredited engineers and management specialists offer a flexible and responsive operation backed by exceptional quality control and advanced tracking systems to ensure not only fully managed end-to-end processing of telecoms industry products but also fast turnaround times and cost-saving efficiencies.The ideal partner for telecoms product manufactureTelecommunications is a highly demanding and dynamic market, always moving forward with innovation and product development. OEMs within this sector need a manufacturing partner with the skills, expertise and capacity to adapt quickly and respond creatively to continuous technological change and rising consumer demand.KMF group has evolved, remodelled and grown to meet such demanding challenges. The company has developed sophisticated design, prototyping, fabrication and manufacturing systems that enable it to tailor telecoms equipment solutions to the exact requirements of clients.And the company prides itself on client cooperation, with designated customer service representatives whose primary focus is meeting or exceeding customer targets for performance and quality.Our expertise and experience, coupled with dynamic and lean manufacturing resources, means KMF Group can offer the skills and capacity to be a reliable, cost-efficient and responsive manufacturing partner when delivering communications and IT related products.

Components for the defence industry

KMF Group supplies OE manufacturers within the defence industry with manufactured sub-assemblies, precision components and sheet metal fabrications. The stringent quality demands of the defence engineering sector require the highest levels of quality control and material traceability and KMF can provide them in full, backed by the necessary ISO Accreditations.Our ISO 9001 quality management standards offer complete confidentiality throughout the design, production and delivery processes along with complete material traceability and exceptional quality control.In addition, engagement in continuous improvement programmes increase organisational efficiency, reduce product costs, reduce cycle times and eliminate waste. KMF Group not only manufactures and supplies metal products and components to the defence sector but also fabricates and assembles precision metal components, enclosures and integrated electro-mechanical products for the demanding aerospace, medical and telecommunications industries with this accreditation. Projects can include small batch, short-run and prototype designs for all types of defence related projects with fabrication, finishing and quality inspection all carried out in-house. We also have extensive experience with large scale product transfers where KMF act as a single-source manufacturing solution from design to delivery, allowing organisations to focus on their core competencies and business objectives. Products for the defence industryKMF can provide professional CNC milling, 3,4 and 5-Axis machining and our machined components often contribute to military vehicles and include electronics, casings, cabinets, sprockets and bushes. Typical projects will include the machining of aluminium, carbon steels and stainless steels. Our metal fabrication products can also provide structures for land vehicles or sophisticated armour protection systems. The flexibility of our service and the span of our expertise within metal manufacturing and engineering fields means that we are well placed to help find innovative solutions and supply a diverse range of products to suit clients' requirements. Rapid prototyping and robust testing for manufacturability and valuable supply chain management allows seamless transition from New Product Introduction to repeat order and industry leading technology and process assessment enables us to deliver complete turn-key solutions on-time and defect-free. Other services also include CNC punching and machining, precision welding and electromechanical integration, along with wet and powder painting in our a fully automated paint plant that includes in-line pre-treatment, drying ovens, powder coating booths and stoving ovens. Metal fabrication solutions for the defence sectorMany market-leading defence sector manufacturers rely on KMF Group to deliver their products on time, at a low cost and with assured quality. A highly trained and skilled workforce, coupled with quality management teams and interim control points, enable KMF Precision Sheet Metal to handle the most complex assemblies and demanding of projects for the defence, military and aerospace sectors.We take great pride in customer service, with personnel dedicated to providing exceptional client support and communication and quality teams committed to overseeing full compliance to your defence manufacturing standards.The KMF Group has invested more than £9 million in new technology over the last few years and its award-winning apprenticeship scheme and on-site training facilities could make us your perfect defence industry outsourcing partner not only in the UK but in Europe too, with a modern sheet metal fabrication factory in Slovakia.With nearly 50 years' experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF could help defence sector suppliers make that vital outsourcing transition. CONTACT KMF to talk about your manufacturing needs.


KMF works closely with key supply chains in the renewable energy sector to manufacture and assemble sheet metal fabricated and metal engineered products.We fabricate a variety of parts and assemblies for renewable energy devices as varied as wind turbines, electric vehicles and solar panels.KMF can offer a complete solution for energy industry clients, from design and prototyping of components, to the fabrication and engineering of parts and through to assembly, testing and delivery.Our expertise in manufacturing technically complex components to meet our customers' delivery requirements while maintaining our commitment to the highest quality, has helped KMF forge strong strategic partnerships in the renewable energy sector.Clients who need fabricated metal products for solar, wind or similar renewable energy installations can be confident that KMF has the skills, expertise and efficiency to deliver on-cost and within designated time frames.Fully equipped to meet any challengeThe company is fully equipped with the latest machinery for metal fabrication including industry-leading laser cutting, metal bending, CNC punching and milling, MIG and TIG welding, painting and powder coating and technology. KMF is also fully equipped for electro-mechanical integration and a best in class Enterprise Resource Planning system enables us to simultaneously manage complex sourcing and production processes. Our press brake metal forming capacity and skilled technicians enable KMF to create the most complex punched metal or laser cut steel shapes to the most demanding specifications quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. KMF can supply machined components to the tightest of tolerances while our reputation for quality gives clients confidence in our ability to ship directly to our customer production lines when required.Energy products for all seasonsIt is through close co-operation with partners that our skilled engineers and sheet metal fabricators have gained valuable experience in the broader energy market, designing and manufacturing component parts, for example, for energy efficient heating modules, air conditioning units and ventilation systems.Whether products are powered by solar energy, wind, battery or gas, KMF can combine the real-world experience of the renewable energy sector with expertise in precision metal engineering and sheet metal fabrication to produce a vast range of energy industry applications.Many energy components must be designed for outdoor as well as indoor use. KMF has the capacity to manufacture products from stainless steel and galvanised metals to provide the highest levels of corrosion resistance along with high quality linishing and powder coating facilities.Customer service is at the heart of KMFAbove all KMF prides itself on its customer service. From initial contact to final product delivery we have customer service teams whose only aim is full client satisfaction.We continually monitor our performance to ensure our processes and procedures meet the needs of every client while adapting our systems to ensure we can satisfy ever-evolving demands, especially in the developing energy industry sector where innovation is central to success.Throughout the production cycle, our renewable energy industry clients can expect round-the-clock assistance from designated customer service personnel who will be there to answer queries promptly, provide helpful advice and communication and to ensure all client demands are satisfied as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Automatic nut grading machine for the food sector

KMF has more than 30 years experience in the manufacture and fabrication of stainless steel parts for food manufacturing and food packaging industries.As the UK's leading manufacturer of fabricated metal components and products, KMF can design, prototype, manufacture and assemble everything from food processing equipment to high-quality packaging conveyors.We understand that your food processing products depend on robust design solutions to support highly specified components that deliver minimum running costs, high performance and smooth and reliable functionality. Product design engineers are fully versed in designing and manufacturing products to drive productivity gains, whilst acknowledging the sector's commitment to new product development with proven new product introduction processes and exceptional lead times.To support food and packaging operations, KMF runs a purpose built-stainless steel facility, KMF Special Products, that enables the company to fabricate a multitude of complex assemblies to customers who favour separate processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The innovative Special Products facility at KMF is designed specifically to fabricate stainless steel products to the very highest quality, in a variety of brushed, grained or bead blasted finishes. Our stainless-steel environment is a centre of excellence, and many products are developed from concept to finished end-user solutions, within the tightest of time frames. Stainless Steel SpecialistsAs one of the UK's leading stainless steel fabrication companies, KMF is expert in the field of high-quality fabrications which deliver high-corrosion resistance, durability and performance over time.KMF Group to combine the efficiency of technological advance with tried and trusted metal fabrication methods to deliver a wide variety of products.Our stainless steel product profile includes the manufacture and assembly of weighing equipment, portion and pack distribution systems, labelling and print equipment, conveyor systems and many kinds of precision machinery needed for food processing inspection and quality control equipment. To complement its engineering expertise, KMF has advanced capabilities in glass bead blasting, MIG and TIG welding, component assembly and electro-mechanical integration while the company's on-site laser engraving capacity is a valuable addition to its range of services.Clients come first at KMFOur clients range from blue-chip food processing companies and food service manufacturers to smaller scale companies looking for one-off batches. KMF's turnkey solutions allow manufactured products to be seamlessly integrated into customers' specific delivery schedules.The ability to manufacture and assemble products in-house gives KMF complete control of the whole production cycle from design and prototyping, through to CNC laser cutting, punching and metal forming to finishing, assembly and despatch. Our highly-trained workforce has the knowledge, experience and expertise to create custom stainless steel products that are safe to use within the food processing sector and that meet all the required food safety standards.Above all, we pride ourselves on customer service and client satisfaction. Dedicated teams of experienced personnel are allocated to clients and tasked to answer queries, solve problems and ensure finished products are completed on time and within budget.

Airport bag xray system for the security sector

The KMF Group supplies sheet metal fabricated products to companies throughout the security industry sector. We work with global OEMs to design, manufacture, assemble and supply secure storage equipment, security safes and surveillance equipment.The company's precision engineering department has the capability to manufacture milled and turned components, to create sophisticated locking technologies within the security sector. Precision metal fabrication of secure storage units can include laser cutting, precision engineering and electromechanical integration, allowing us to provide complete turnkey solutions for the security industry. Product experience includes secure key cabinets, x-ray scanning equipment, conveyors and secure storage units. KMF also manufacturers safe storage systems for the medical sector. ISO Accredited Quality Systems, aligned with excellent engineering design and full certification, ensure our metal fabricated products and machined components meet the stringent quality requirements of the security sector and operate efficiently, reliably and securely.Security products face strict quality controlsAs the UK's leading sheet metal fabricators, KMF has a wealth of experience in manufacturing products for security sectors companies, from initial design and prototyping through to assembly, testing and delivery.The company has expertise in all aspects of sheet metal fabrication, from CNC punching, CNC laser cutting and MIG and TIG welding to powder coating and assembly of integrated electronic components.KMF can also supply secure storage products to the strict quality requirements demanded by the aerospace industry and the medical equipment sectors using approved suppliers of raw materials and maintaining full material traceability throughout manufacture and delivery.Products range from high-security cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous materials and equipment to high-security scanning devices used by the aviation industry.Single source supplier to the security sectorA dedicated fully-equipped integration facility enables KMF to act as a single-source supplier for OEMs requiring fully configured turnkey solutions. An electrostatic discharge assembly area for dedicated assembly of static sensitive components and individual business units for each customer and their products, allows us to provide the most cost-effective manufacturing solutions. The facility is supported by specialist integration teams who ensure a seamless transition from design, manufacture and integration, to delivery.It makes sense to use the KMF Group as a single source solution for manufacturing in the security sector. KMF has the skills to design, prototype, fabricate, engineer, integrate and assemble products and thus provide a complete turnkey solution for its many security industry clients. KMF provides a dedicated customer-focused project management service to liaise with clients. The close attention to customer requirements ensures that products are delivered on time and to agreed budgets.KMF Group has recently invested more than £9 million in new technology, and its award-winning apprenticeship and training scheme ensures that KMF can provide the highest-quality components.KMF has the resources, capacity and expertise to become your manufacturing partner in the UK and a new factory in Slovakia enable us to partner companies with a growing European customer base.With nearly 50 years' experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF is the perfect partner to help make the transition. Contact KMF to discuss your outsourcing needs and to see how we can help.