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The Customer Experience at KMF Group

Customer Info

Continuous improvement procedures are at the heart of KMF's desire to provide a world-class customer experience. At KMF we:

  • Continually strive to ensure that our processes support the needs of all of our clients.
  • Understands the importance of providing the most appropriate solution to our extensive customer base.
  • Is focused on providing intelligent manufacturing solutions with the best cost.
  • Always work on adapting our systems to meet our customers' changing demands.

Customer Service
Throughout the client's cycle, KMF customers receive continued assistance from their designated customer service representatives. Our high-quality service team provide helpful communication and answer queries promptly and enthusiastically.

Customer Service works with clients to ensure all client requirements are met and that the customer experience is continually improved.

Group Information Infographic

At KMF we believe that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that meets our clients' expectations. Our equipment and processes are controlled to ensure consistency and the training while development of our staff gives us the confidence to utilise a full 24-hour, seven-days-a-week manufacturing operation. Quality is continually reviewed and improved by a dedicated quality team.

Continuous improvement of our people, processes and technology, ensures that our customers benefit from a flexible and agile response, supported by robust quality systems and a competitive cost.

A culture of continuous improvement is embedded in our culture and helps us to realise the benefits in cost, quality and delivery.