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The workforce is KMF Group's greatest asset


At KMF we understand that our workforce is our greatest asset. We, therefore, do everything we can to keep them safe and provide them with the best opportunities to develop.

From our intensive operator training schemes to our new adult apprenticeship programme, we invest heavily in retaining our workforce and assisting them with their individual career progression.

Every year we run a Productivity Share Scheme (PSS), which encourages our employees to propose ideas on possible ways to improve our efficiency and productivity. The scheme is now in its seventh year and in 2016 generated over £446,000 of savings, emanating from 156 contributors.

The initiative concentrates on seven key areas of waste, which also help improve our sustainability, namely: overproduction; inventory; transport; process; idle time; operator motion and bad quality. Previous successes include going 'paperless' in Payroll and the redesign of our paint line with new flight bars.

At KMF we are also passionate about our future workforce. Our award-winning apprenticeship scheme and impressive work experience programme help us to ensure we always have a highly-skilled and consistent skill base.

Please visit our Careers or Apprenticeship pages for more information or possible career opportunities.

KMF offers apprenticeships to both young and older member of the workforce. The apprenticeship schemes at KMF Precision Sheet Metal have both practical and theory elements.

KMF is very proud of its workforce apprenticeship programmed. We believe that apprentices are the future of our business so we provide an in-house apprenticeship programme recognised by the National Apprenticeship Service as world-class.

The KMF apprenticeship scheme is also approved EAL Ltd the awarding body for the industry, and it has picked up many awards for outstanding achievement.

The company also gives employees opportunities for career development through regular in-house training sessions for staff and offers a formal Adult Apprenticeship Programme for existing employees over the age of 25 years.

Each year about a dozen adult KMF Group employees join the Adult Apprenticeship Programme which is aimed not only at improving the skills of the workforce but also developing operational performance.

The Adult Apprenticeship Programme lasts for 18 months and those taking part can gain up to five qualifications in areas linked to their working roles in the company such as in welding, paint processes, metal forming and related management responsibilities.

As well as providing qualifications the Adult Apprenticeship Programme at KMF helps to build self-confidence, expand social experience and develop leadership and team building skills.

A greater understanding of the business world and the technical, commercial and industrial environment also helps build a highly skilled and committed workforce for KMF.