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Adult Apprenticeships

Adult Apprentice Tom

Adult Apprenticeships

KMF wishes to provide its current employees with opportunities for continuous improvement and career development. We do this through both regular training sessions and a more formal Adult Apprenticeship Programme, available for existing employees over the age of 25.

There are currently thirteen adults undertaking our Adult Apprenticeship programme, aimed at improving operational performance. The programme has a duration of 18 months and includes gaining a total of five qualifications in areas linked to their current role, for example, welding, paint processes, forming and managerial responsibilities.

Other Qualifications Include:

  • Industrial Environment Awareness
  • NVQ — Performing Engineering Operations (mapped to the employee's role)
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities
  • L1 Functional skills in Maths and English

Lee is a Current Team Leader and Adult Apprentice:

"I signed up for the adult apprenticeship intending to gain more knowledge and further my career within KMF.
Since then, it has helped me gain a better understanding of the role I'm currently in and much more.
I've met new people I wouldn't have normally worked with and experienced new opportunities such as attending a leadership course in the Brecon Beacons."

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